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CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 2 2021
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By Glamour Editorial 

With people homebound these past few months, indoors has become the new outdoors. It is where you exercise, digitally chat with friends, and, of course, work. But it is also still the indoors, where you sleep, eat and carry on with your day-today activities. Quarantine has made people rediscover the joy of staying inside. 

While this may sound like bad news, it also means that this period has accelerated the rise of a brand new apparel category – loungewear. An increased interest in comfortability has been on the rise for the past couple of years, with athleisure at the forefront. Casual clothes becoming more and more functional and loungewear clothes are designed to look good even outside. 

Flabulous is a body positive brand that aspires to build confidence. Their clothing promotes body positivity and a unique sense of style. They wish to empower your outward image reflecting the confidence you feel inside. The brand seamlessly makes space in the wardrobe, offering a diversified range of tops, dresses, kimonos, matching sets, and more. 

They feature inclusive personalities that break the boundaries of what is considered acceptable beauty standards. We love that the brand embraces all sizes, stretch lines, cellulite, and real bodies. Flabulous recently launched their comfy loungewear collection. The outfits allow you to easily sport a look from the lounge, sleep in, or style for casual outings. 

Founder Ranjula Herath explains, “At a time, where lockdown is getting into us and bringing so much darkness, we decided to paint it in pastel dreams!” This clothing collection caters to a size spectrum of UK size 8 - 22. 

The collection is in colour tones of pastel hues and earthy neutrals, adding a more lightness that we all need during these tough times. They are multi-purpose pieces, tailored to different daily needs. The collection consists of loungewear sets, pastel dream dresses, and maxi loungewear. You can now shop the latest collection at 

Photo credits: Shane Ockersz 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 2 2021

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