Basnayake elected CPRFU President

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 29 2020

Double international and former Sri Lanka XV-a-side rugby captain Pradeep Basnayake was unanimously elected to the post of President at the Central Province Rugby Football Union (CPRFU) AGM held at the Kandy Sports Club premises recently.

His nominees were also unanimously elected to the top posts at the AGM. 

Basnayake represented Sri Lanka in Basketball (1991/92) before taking to the oval shaped ball. He played for Sri Lanka from 1996-2004 and led the team in 2003 and 2004.

Kandy Sports Club won the Triple Crown in 2002 under his captaincy.

He is set to take Central Province rugby to the next level. “We are below par currently and must take quick steps to develop rugby in the Central Province,” said Basnayake.

Basnayake and his team broke tradition and entered the elections as first time contestants. Previously the top posts were held by the same set of officials for a long time. Basnayake takes over from Tuan Doole.

“As freshers, for the first time in history our team broke the traditions and got elected to the CPRFU Committee,” said the former Kandy skipper. He further said, “No development has taken place for a long time in the Central Province, and that is clear because this Province has only one ‘A’ Division playing club.”

Former Havies captain, young Kavinda Jayasena, was elected to the post of General Secretary.


President: Pradeep Basanayaka

Vice President: Manjula Samarakoon

General Secretary: Kavinda Jayasena  

Treasurer: M, Rifas

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) President Lasitha Gunarathne made a surprise move by attending the Central Province AGM as a special invitee, and it appears he violated the rules by doing this as SLR is planning to hold their AGM on 29 August.

According to Gunarathne he said he did nothing wrong in attending the CPRFU AGM. “I was there as a special invitee because I’m the President of the governing body,” said Gunarathne. 

Gunarathne is expected to be one of the contestants for the post of President at the forthcoming AGM, and if successful, will serve in that post for two more years

“Nowhere have I said I’m contesting for the President’s post,” said Gunarathne.


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 29 2020

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