Bank of Ceylon Introduces ‘BoC Fuel Card’

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 15 2022
FT Bank of Ceylon Introduces  ‘BoC Fuel Card’

Bank of Ceylon (BoC), launched a ‘BoC Fuel card’ partnering with ‘MasterCard international’ for the business community and the public. BoC initiated this move as a part of its digital road map to assist the Government’s plan to empower the nation through digital Inclusivity.

BoC Fuel top up card aimed at customer convenience comes with many unique features.  User friendliness and easy to access are the main attributes. It is offered to both individual and business clients including non-BoC customers. 

The card owner can decide on the timely fuel requirement for the stipulated period and accordingly ‘top up’ the card account.  Normal convenience that comes with ‘cards’ associate with top up card as well. The card cannot be used in merchant points except in fuel stations for fuel. This ‘top up’ BoC fuel card does not facilitate cash withdrawal and the facility comes with a nominal fuel surcharge levy.

It only requires filling a simple information form and getting a card instantly without any waiting. 

BoC fuel top up card is designed to be a practical and beneficial to customers who face the hassle in managing fuel expenses. The card is offered to corporate entities, fleet operators and individuals to add convenience in their daily operations. BoC fuel card presents a methodical plan that will solve many unseen fuel expenses that could occur. 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 15 2022

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