Bank of Ceylon Introduces a Personalised BOC Multi Currency Travel Card to Central Bank Staff

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 27 2021

The Bank of Ceylon presented a personalised BOC Multi Currency Travel Card (MCTC) to Central Bank Staff members in ceremony held recently at the Central Bank’s Governor’s Office. The card was officially presented to the CBSL Governor Mr. Ajith N. Cabraal by the Chairman Bank of Ceylon Mr. Kanchana Ratwatte. The trusted travel partner ‘BOC Multi-Currency Travel Card- MCTC’ is an upgraded and a convenient method of payment for foreign travellers that comes with secured Near Field Communication (NFC). 

This Convenient yet secured ‘BOC MCTC’ will secure travellers from possible threats that could occur and use the card confidently. Considering the need for overseas students, this service was recently extended for them to carry out overseas transactions conveniently. With the trust and stability built over the years, the “BOC MCTC” that is produced jointly with MasterCard International is accepted around the world to assist travellers to conduct their transactions seamlessly. 

Being a globally acclaimed technology company, MasterCard International is in the global payments industry and operate payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. Being a Bank which is focused on enriching its customer’s lives through adding value, Bank of Ceylon introduced the BOC Multi-Currency Travel Card that offers the convenience of carrying multiple currencies in one digital card, allowing the customer to travel overseas freely and transact with confidence without being exposed to exchange loss. 

This Card can be used on ATMs, POS and for online transactions where ‘MasterCard’ acceptance mark is present and card holder can enjoy dining, shopping and travelling whilst abroad or can use at Duty-free shopping outlets in Sri Lanka. This Card also replaces currency notes which may be exchanged at a loss when travelling across different countries. Carrying physical currency notes also leads to practical issues such as portability. 

BOC MCTC provides the user an ideal solution to manage exchange rate fluctuation and keep the traveller informed about transactions via SMS or email. Provided with a secured EMV complaint chip that keeps the card information safe whilst using it in places where there could be a possible identification theft. On completion of each transaction SMS and e-mail alerts will be forwarded to the given telephone number and e-mail address of the user. A smart traveller can use this update to keep a track of his/her expenses and manage the budget. 

Additionally, the Bank of Ceylon provides a free backup card at the time of issuing the original card to assist the user in times of loss/ theft or damage to the original card and the owner of the card is offered a free Travel Insurance cover up to USD 250,000 (conditions apply). One card can be loaded up to five different currencies namely US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euro, Japanese Yen and Australian Dollars. The cardholder can switch the card funds from one currency to another via card holder self-care portal.

 Any traveler who is a resident Sri Lankan and above 18 years of age can obtain this facility under exchange control regulations. Reloading facility is available during the validity of the card and remote loading facility is available for students who are overseas for their higher education. Eligible customers can conveniently obtain this Card at any Bank of Ceylon branch across Sri Lanka.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 27 2021

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