Asanga Seneviratne appointed as a Director of the CSE

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 25 2021
FT Asanga Seneviratne appointed as a Director of the CSE

The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) announced the appointment of Asanga C. Seneviratne as a Director of the CSE Board with effect 23 September 2021. He previously served as a Director on the CSE Board from 2013 to 2017. Seneviratne was a Founder/Director of Asia Capital PLC, the largest Investment Bank to be listed on the CSE in 1994. He was the Managing Director, Asia Securities (Pvt) Ltd., the No. 1 ranked Stock Broking Company in Sri Lanka from 1991- 2008 and CEO of Asia Capital Ltd From 2003-2010. He was with Asia Securities and Asia Capital for 19 years and has extensive experience in Finance and Investments, Capital Management and the hospitality industry. 

Seneviratne pioneered on-line Trading in Sri Lanka through his company Investor Access Asia (Pvt) Ltd with CDAX, the first on-line trading system in Sri Lanka, enabling direct access to the CSE from the clients’ personal computer. 30% of the total trades on the CSE were executed via this system during that period. 

He was instrumental in restructuring Nation Lanka Finance PLC under the Central Bank programme in 2011 to resurrect failed licenced Finance entities. He is presently Chairman of Nation Lanka Equities (Pvt) Ltd and MD of Asia Fort Asset Management (Private) Limited, Anilana Hotels & Properties PLC and Investor Access Equities (Private) Limited. He has also served on the following Corporate Boards: Director of the CSE, Chairman of NatWealth Securities and Director of Nation Lanka Finance PLC. 

Following an illustrious sporting career in Cricket and Rugby at School and Club level, Asanga represented Sri Lanka in both sports. He currently serves as Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka and is an Independent Committee Member and Chairman of Competitions and HighPerformance Sports. He has held the following posts in previous years: Chairman of the Stock Brokers’ Association of Sri Lanka from 2005-2006, President of the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union from 2012 – 2018, Secretary General of Asia Rugby and Vice President of Sri Lanka Cricket from 2013 to 2016.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 25 2021

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