Are You Planning For A Divorce?

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021
Horoscope Are You Planning For A Divorce?

By Bandu Abeysundara

I have encountered only a limited few who got divorced for domestic reasons such as lack of income, house to live  in or alcoholism and cruel behaviour of the partner.

Many youths who had either been separated or legally divorced and entered into  new marriages with new partners were under the impression that the new marriage or relationship was more sexually satisfying.

These families most of the time disregard the traumatic situation faced by their children when left behind, while making a final decision for  separation. In most cases children are almost neglected or are handed over to orphanages, which are in today’s context, called ‘Homes for Children’.    In some foreign countries, where the number of orphans is at a climax, these orphans are not even called by their names, but by a four digit number such as 4320 at these Homes.  

Legal or physical separation between husband and wife and much more are revealed on both palms of an individual and could be known well before marriage.

Rare signs and distorted line configurations, not frequently found in texts on palmistry are given below so that you you are able to diagnose for yourself whether you too are in for a divorce or not; or at least you ever went through unbearable periods of separation from your loving partner; and whether you would get reunited for the sake of children.    

I met a lady recently with a major line properly located Line of Marriage  except for a black dot under the little finger. I prophesied “your marriage life is destined to undergo troubles any time”. She promptly replied “we are already separated”.

The other most uncommon line indication is when the Line of Heart runs rather exceptionally below the four fingers and abruptly runs upward and ends at the bottom between the forefinger and middle finger. If other indications too stand to the contrary, they have to think a lot and study the inner motives of the future partner before going into wedlock.

Another very common indication for sudden termination of married life is when the line of marriage droops down to the Line of Heart and more positively crosses the same. The islands, cuts, crosses, two marriage lines joining together are all common indications which foreshadow continued conflicts in married life; yet in these situations what I have noticed is that they are somehow enduring the painful experiences of married life due to being trapped in a situation where even separation is impossible either owing to their children or lack of money or a place to go.

Most frequently I have come across a segment of young spouses who do not wish to make a melodrama of spoilt marriage, but remain like  unmarried persons and allow the other partner to go out with a partner of his or her choice, while she or he too would have the same tendencies in the rest of their lives. In most cases these couples did not have children, thus separation was hassle free. They enjoyed life to the fullest, especially those who possessed a Line of Mars running half way parallel to the Line of Life after  starting from the Line of Life (L-L) from the point (D) and thereafter droops down (D-D), which is amply elaborated in the paragraph underneath.     

This segment carried an unusual line, the same Line of Mars commencing from a point on the Line of Life and running alongside of it, but essentially not parallel to the Line of Life – in certain cases up to the Mount of Venus. What I discovered was that these individuals were most of the time not married, still had a partner in secrecy; they were never prostitutes but enjoyed freedom and led a luxurious life. A very limited few had been legally separated or the other partner was a resident of a foreign country. The fact that this kind of separation was mostly found in rich families is not at all astonishing in contrast to divorces or even separations in poor families that end up at the police stations. 

There is a serious manifestation of the Line of Heart which is fragmented or broken or overlapping on broken pieces and running toward the Line of Marriage (H-H). This could be regarded as a definite sign of a ‘ruined married life’. 

If a line is seen commencing from underneath the thumb and crosses over to the Mount of Mercury (B-B), it is a predisposition of the two subjects to get legally divorced at the applicable age. 

It is high time you too exercised extra vigilance when selecting a partner for your marriage. Yesterday, I was consulted by a gentleman who was about 82 years of age. On his two palms, it was noticed by me that there was only one medium length line of marriage on the Mount of Mercury under the little finger, while there was no Line of Mars running parallel to the Line of Life too. The Line of Heart was almost horizontal and could even be called ‘two Simian Lines’ which indicate ‘No Marriage’ to many people. I said to him “there is only one chance for you to get married, if you miss that chance, you will never get married and will remain single for the rest of your life”. I further revealed to him that even if you get married, you will be living in one of your parental homes from the beginning of your life to the very end. Then, the subject under discussion spoke out to say “no I am not married and I have been living in one of my parental homes where my sister lives” 

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021

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