Are You a Heavy Smoker?

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 4 2020
Horoscope Are You a Heavy Smoker?

By Bandu Abeysundara

Smoking, in general has the implication of lighting a cigarette and inhaling and exhaling the smoke, emitted as a result of the burnt tobacco, contained in the cigarette.  

People are found to have diverse habits when it comes to smoking. Most people would like to have just one cigarette when using the washroom in the morning; the majority of smokers would  smoke a packet of cigarettes a day, which may be after a cup of tea, soft drinks or after each meal and a final one before going to the bed. 

The worst kind is the segment of smokers who light another one with the butt of the previous one, which he would discard in a second or two. This variety is normally known as heavy smokers and could be easily identified with the assistance of the science of Palmistry, which has been slightly buried  in the world today as finding a truly genuine Palm Reader is somewhat a difficult task and one would always get misled by bogus palm readers.

The type of the nail is decided by the shapes which are categorized basically as Square, Round, Conical  and Artistic.

Men with Square type of nails on all five fingers are the ones who run the highest risk of getting addicted to smoking whilst being systematic in their practice; for instance they may smoke rather according to a time table with strict limitations, imposed by themselves. 

If the Square type is having fully distorted and ugly looking nails on just  one or two fingers and the rest of the nails are found to be Conical  and distorted, it would mean a smoker with socially  unrecognized habits and manners when it comes to smoking. If the Line of Head, which runs across the palm whilst commencing at the beginning of the Line of Life which starts underneath the mount of Jupiter, is lying  under the forefinger, the person under discussion would be a chain smoker who may light cigarettes one after the other with no visible self-control. 

The Square Type finger holders are usually famed for their systematic manner in which they work, whether it would be at home or in office. Careerwise they become highly productive Managers or Directors or in similar portfolios wherever they may be found in the society.  

Men with Conical Type of nails are easily identifiable owing to their shape and in some cases toward the end of the nails, they start tapering. This category is famous as ‘non-Smokers’ and there have been people who had not smoked a single cigarette in their entire life.

It was also noted by me that a limited few coming under the conical type had been hard or chain smokers as known amongst people that includes both smokers as well as nonsmokers.  They are finally warned by the doctors to stop smoking or else, the affected area of the lungs would get worse and  ultimately bring about their deaths. This would result in the smoker being compelled to leave behind his much-loved family circles and the rest of the close associates.

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 4 2020

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