An Arty Getaway – 55TG Boutique Suites

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 6 2021
Getaway An Arty Getaway – 55TG Boutique Suites

By Shafiya Nawzer

Travel as we know has changed. With the present pandemic, travelling out of Colombo may not be the safest option. If you’re looking for a relaxed holiday within the city, for peace, privacy and a location that gives you the atmosphere of the hills look no further than the 55TG Boutique Suites; you’re going to find it here, guaranteed.

An extravagant and contemporary villa located at Lionel Edirisinghe Mawatha Kirulapone.  Bold contemporary structures open to the surrounding nature. Standing tall, the property is 97-years-old, framed by nature, wide-open spaces allow the gentle breeze to come through and welcome its guests, modern, luxurious, across all levels, the bedrooms boast differing interiors but all exude comfort and luxury with plush beds, comfortable furnishing and bathrooms.

As we entered my eyes directly went to the stunning antique door frame and chandelier, the interiors on display were a feast for the eyes. We were offered a really good passion fruit juice as a welcome drink, which was a perfect thirst quencher. We stayed at the Angel’s suite; the room itself is spacious with all amenities provided including fridge, tea, and coffee, in-room safe, oven, and a flat-screen TV. I love the fact that the room has a mini-kitchen, ample sitting area and a work desk. The minimalistic palette of white and pastel running throughout the room is sublime and discretely luxurious.

We were off for lunch and they had arranged a charming alfresco dining experience in the backyard garden – coined with the choice of dinning in various locations around the property, in the garden, grand dining room, or on the garden terrace. Lunch was simply a Sri Lankan feast with a good ol' fiery prawn curry, white rice, pol sambol, beetroot, manioc curry, gotukola sambol, fried sprats, papadam, lime pickle, and spicy mango chutney. Just recalling the lunch makes my mouth salivate, hands down one of the best Sri Lankan lunches I have ever had. They also have invested on alkaline water, which ensures they do not use any plastic water bottles. From presentation to all the little details, it was beautiful; you can easily say it was cooked with love. We cut down our hearty lunch with a fresh fruit salad.

We spent a majority of our time holed up in our room simply, because it was too comfortable for us to even contemplate leaving. The atmosphere at which the hotel stands gave us the perfect weather to curl up in bed and relax or step outside to the balcony with a warm cup of coffee. Beautifully furnished, the interior stands out on its own. The walls are adorned with decorations. The rooms have a subtle tropical vibe running through them. Each en suite bedroom varies in size and design allowing guests to choose according to their preferences. We were told all rooms have a unique theme and the interior is accordingly, we also caught a glimpse of each room and we must admit it is a work of art.

You can see that both heart and soul were poured into creating this villa, and the wonderfully warm hospitality of the staff and excellent host Thanuj Goonewardena to give guests a truly memorable and unforgettable stay, unlike anything one might experience in a hotel. Thanuj being an interior designer himself, this place is evident of his exceptional work. The property can be booked as a whole or by the individual unit; you can also simply book a single room if you wish. The place is quite popular as a photoshoot location; you can also rent the place for private and intiate parties.

Trademark style extends to all living spaces. The paired-back approach to decor truly soothes the senses and the well-thought out floor plans allow in plenty of light and makes you feel energised. The place is truly a labour of love, created especially for the discerning traveller who wishes to unplug from the world and spend time enriching the soul. There's a cozy homely and laid-back vibe to the atmosphere, and the space is home to plenty of old-world decor, and a large open verandah that provides cool air and tranquillity.

They had arranged a candlelight dinner under the moonlit sky with soft music playing in the background, the table full of flowers; it was quite something out of a romantic movie. We started the meal with a luscious passion fruit mojito, moving on to a fresh salad and massive seafood platter served on an antique glassware sawan. Consisting of garlic bread, fried fish, prawns, cuttlefish, coleslaw  and garlic mayo-based sauce. The food was simply delicious, and we ended the meal with a tasty tiramisu for dessert.

After a good night’s sleep, my Lankan cravings feasted heartily on a scrumptious breakfast spread- inclusive of morning coffee, fresh fruit juice, pol rotti, string hoppers, fish curry, pol sambol, katta sambol, a platter of fruit, and pol pani pancakes.

Our time at 55TG was delightful. We think it's safe to say we found a sense of peace while being there. We were well rested, truly relaxed and  enjoyed the solitude more than could be put in words. We must say that having a  two-year-old  during the stay and absolutely loved how the team handled it, which shows the place is also child-friendly.  

55TG Boutique Suites offers a home stay and they have a many interesting things in the pipeline. They have a pool in the making, which we are excited about. Of course, we were regretful that the time had come to leave, but like all staycations, there's the promise of more to come.

(Pix by Amitha Thennakoon)  

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 6 2021

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