All Season Long

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 4 2021
Glamour All Season Long

By Glamour Editorial

Trends come and go, but shorts will forever be a staple. Out of all the summer staples, stylish shorts for women are one of the trickiest items to shop for. Not only there is that old debate on their age-appropriateness, but there’s also a fine line between casually cool shorts and sexy shorts. Whether it’s a pair of cut-offs or biker shorts, finding an option that fits properly and looks polished is a particularly challenging task. As we continue to work from home, there are more opportunities to wear shorts than ever before, and we don’t just mean on the weekends.

Twerk is Sri Lanka’s latest shorts clothing Brand and their collection is quite striking. Natasha Kristina De Silva is the lady behind the Brand. She is a momtrepreneur and hails from Colombo. Natasha who is now 27,   was nurtured at Lyceum International. She shares a passion for ‘not your basic’ fashion, owning two family businesses; W and J Springtime and Aquasealers together with her siblings. She lived in Dubai for five years. She worked in Real Estate apart from her job as a Model Manager for many Top Models from all around the world. Her goal is to bring to Sri Lankan Brands and concepts that are nonexistent, to add value to our tiny island.

Whether you pair Twerk shorts with sneakers and a t-shirt or a blazer and heeled sandals; they are pretty versatile, making up for that quite ‘effortless look’, to be dressed up or down. Whatever your preference might be from buttercup, print, or bubble shorts to more minimal silhouettes in grazing lengths, there’s something for everyone, ‘enticing’  even the most adamant non-shorts wearer.

Excerpts from the interview:

Could you elaborate on your Brand Twerk Sri Lanka?

TWERK is your go-to store for shorts but not limited to Sri Lanka as we ship worldwide. Our shorts are sourced and manufactured right here in our island. TWERK is not your ‘basic short’ Brand. I created it to stand out, to be different, and not be simply another clothing brand. I did the same with my marketing campaign as well. I wanted it to pop. TWERK has a very fun-loving, bubbly and bougee vibe to it.

TWERK is literally my personality expressed through clothing. We manufacture premium quality shorts of all sizes, producing UK size 6-12 and are expanding up to UK 16 by popular demand. This season’s collection is named ‘Sexy Back’. It is focused on the pop of colour mainly neon, pastels and animal prints. The designs have been immaculately chosen to stand out and be unique in every possible way. Our shorts serve any occasion whether it’s a day out at the beach, a workout at the gym, a night out, or if you fancy lounging around. In no way do we want to be normal.

What fabric do you use in your collection?

When it comes to material, I have been very careful in picking each one for my designs since it’s a crucial element. The material is what completes the ‘whole short’. It practically adds so much value to the core need in comfort. With so many hands-on horror experiences with online orders and material I have encountered, I made sure to deliver the best possible quality when it comes to material and comfort to all my clients. I have used diverse fabrics when it comes to the ‘Sexy Back’ Collection. From stretchy, flowy to fleece, I’ve used all of them, except a strong ‘no’ to polyester.

What was your spirit of inspiration?

I came back to Sri Lanka in 2019 and was on a shopping spree for shorts when I didn’t find a single place or an online shop to get a decent pair of shorts. I took the opportunity and turned that into a business idea with my own twist to it and that is how Twerk was born.

Anything else that you would like to add?

Bringing TWERK to Reality was an arduous task. As I launched this business amidst the pandemic it took me a year to launch given the constant lockdowns. Sourcing the fabric with a pandemic was challenging. None of this would have been possible without God, my mum and my amazing support system (my family).

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 4 2021

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