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By Sampath Weerasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021
Horoscope Adhi Yoga

By Sampath Weerasinghe

When examining horoscopes one would necessarily be curious as to what Yoga can be found. How a Yoga is created, its outcome as well as their nullification has to be carefully analyzed. Its logical nature and reality have to be carefully analyzed to find the results or forecasts.

Adhi Yoga can be described as the Yogas that provide a number of exclusive results. They are of two types.  If positive planets are found in the 6th, 7th and 8th Houses from the ascendant it is known as Adhi Yoga. When positive planets are found in   6th, 7th and  8th Houses from the Moon, it is known as Chandra Adhi Yoga. 

 Such Yoga produce  individuals who are trustworthy, dynamic, righteous and polite. Their future would be successful. There will be happiness in their lives. They gain much. They inherit  leadership, power to rule, power to subdue enemies, health and longevity.

The results will depend on the power of the planets posited in the 6th, 7th and 8th Houses. When the power is ordinary they will be bestowed with ordinary results;  medium results will be derived by those who have planets with medium strength. Excellent results will be drawn by those who have highly powerful planets. At times it may function as a Raja Yoga.  If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are placed without malefic aspects it would create the most powerful Yoga.

Ancient teachers have indicated that placement of even two positive planes in the 6th, 7th and 8th Houses would give auspicious results as regards  ‘Chandta Adhi Yoga’. It is an ‘ Ardha Adhi Yoga’ that gives partial results. It is practically known that such Yogas provide results similar to Chandra Adi Yoga. B.D. Raman, the famed astrologer has stated that for excellent results, the planets should not be in the 7th House when taking the Sun into consideration. If  it is a Lagna Adhi Yoga Sun should not be in the 7th House and if it is a Chandra Adhi Yoga, Sun should not be placed in the 7th House from the Moon. The most powerful position is when  Mercury is in the 6th, Jupiter is in the 7th and Venus is in the 8th without malefic aspects.

Periods in which  these Yogas occur have also been indicated. Those who are born with a Lagna Adhi Yoga would be born with three or four hours showing Sun's influence towards the future or the past. For Chandra Adhi Yoga there are no such specific periods.

 Lagna Adhi Yoga

Such Adhi Yogas would be a blessing to life. In an institution if the 2nd in command has a powerful Adhi Yoga and the in charge is not bestowed with an Adhi Yoga , management would be very difficult. This can be applied to the political field as well. In certain subtle situations significator for Adhi Yoga in combination with other Yoga and with the exaltation of other positive planets connected to the Yoga may produce results that are highly auspicious.

By Sampath Weerasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021

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