Adheres to SLSI requirements – LAUGFS

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 26 2021
News Adheres to SLSI requirements – LAUGFS

As an importer of LPG to the country, LAUGFS Gas follows the standards published by the Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI) and LAUGFS Gas PLC has its LPG specifications accordingly, LAUGFS in a statement yesterday. 

LAUGFS has never released LPG with low standards as said by certain sections of the media, it said.

LAUGFS further said: ‘Composition of LPG is used according to the temperature zones and in a range of propane/butane: 30 per cent/70 per cent used in Sri Lanka accordingly.

 Mostly 100 per cent propane is used in ice-forming cold countries. LAUGFS uses LPG with average composition of propane/butane: 30 per cent/70 per cent ratio in Sri Lanka. LAUGFS has never released LPG with composition of propane/ butane: 50 per cent/50 per cent. There is no truth in the statements made by sections of the media that LAUGFS violates the standards stipulated by SLSI.  It is the responsibility of gas companies to ensure the standards of LP gas cylinders and LAUGFS ensures the same properly and adheres to standards stipulated by SLSI, the statement said.

‘It is the duty of the SLSI and other relevant State institutions to define the composition of ingredients and properties of LPG and monitor compliance.’

on certain occasions, media has declared LPG-related incidents are caused by ‘bursts’ of LPG cylinders but in reality, there is no single incident of such ‘explosions’ of LPG cylinders in recent history in Sri Lanka.  Most of the incidents are caused by a lack of knowledge by LPG consumers and improper usage, LAUGFS claimed. ‘Some media and ‘personnel’ have declared the opinion of the LPG tank as a bomb. It is a misleading concept. 

It is revealed by LAUGFS and other State institutions in their investigations that the root cause for domestic and industrial LPG-related incidents is the lack of awareness of proper usage of LP Gas and malpractices, LAUGFS said.

A process of making consumers aware by conducting programmes and by distributing leaflets is practised by LAUGFS countrywide. It will be supportive to  protect society from LP gas incidents if State Institutions and media effectively contribute to such awareness programmes, the statement in conclusion said.  

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 26 2021

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