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By Ama H.Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021
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By Ama H.Vanniarachchy

"Colour! What a deep and mysterious language; the language of dreams."- Paul Gauguin


A bedroom in the house is a place where we spend quite a lot of time and it is where we sleep. It is a place where we relax and rejuvenate. Therefore, when choosing colours for your bedroom you have to take into consideration the real purpose of a bedroom. It is advisable not to clutter your bedroom with too much furniture.

When selecting colours consider the following;

l Where the main door and windows are located

l Direction of sunlight

l Where the lights are fixed

l Size of the room

l Furniture and other decorative items

l Type of the floor/ ceiling

These are the best colours you can opt for a bedroom. Once you choose the colour you want you can select your preferable tones and hues. 

Blue – This is a perfect colour for a bedroom. But it is not advisable to make all four walls blue as it will give a congested look to your bedroom. Therefore what you can do is to paint one or two walls in a dark shade of blue and paint the rest in white or a lighter shade of blue. If you paint only one wall, it will be a centrepiece. This wall will be the perfect wall to place the bed. A wall painting in white on a royal blue wall will add magic to your bedroom. If it is a tall wall, a couple of tall trees will do wonders, with few birds on a branch.

Keep in mind that although Blue is a cool colour, some blues are warm colours and there are some reds, oranges and yellows which are cool colours. Therefore, when selecting a shade of blue make sure it is a cool shade unless you intentionally want a warm shade. 

 Yellow - A cool shade of yellow will be a suitable colour for a bedroom. Once again, better not paint all four walls in yellow, unless you want to feel as if you are inside a giant sunflower. If you opt for a warm shade of yellow, you can paint on the wall and paint the rest in a cool shade of white or pale yellow to undertone the warmth of that colour. You can also further undertone the brightness of the yellow through the fabric you use. If the room has a window that brings natural sunlight to the room, a warm yellow is not as advisable as the sunlight will further highlight the warmness of the yellow. 

Lilac - A soft calm shade of lilac is a colour suitable for a calm and quiet bedroom. You can add more volume to the room by painting one wall in a bright shade of purple, or, doing wall art on one of the lilac walls. A painting of a purple floral tree or a silhouette of snowy mountains will look great. White fabrics will look beautiful in a lilac bedroom as they will further soften the colour’s effect. 

White - The traditional colour for a bedroom is considered as white. If you want to keep all four walls white, you can add dramatic ornaments or furniture to break the mundane look of all-white. Or, you can also use contrasting colours for the fabric or the floor. If the entire room is white, you can add lots of plants to the room as it will not contrast or mismatch with the wall colours. White is best for a small or dark room and it is a colour that you can play safe. 

Green - Green is one of the best colours for a bedroom. Painting one wall in a rich shade of a cool green will give a jungle vibe. You can do wall art on the white walls, matching the rich green wall. If your furniture is brown, it will contrast so well with the rich jungle green you use. Green is also a colour that will give you a strong feeling of calmness, relaxation and security. One advantage of going green is that you can experiment a lot with other colours and furniture and rarely do shades of greens go wrong and it does match with almost any colour on the colour spectrum.  

Brown - Brown is a colour similar to green which will give you a sense of security and relaxation. If you are going with brown, make sure it is a cool shade. One experiment you can do is select shades of brown and paint the four walls in the four shades. Or, choose a lighter shade of brown and go all four walls brown. If so, make sure the floor and ceiling are not so brown and the fabrics, furniture are brown also. If not, you might feel as if you are inside a tree bark. 

Cream or Beige- If you choose an all-cream look, it is advisable to consider the colour of the floor and the ceiling. If it is brown and the furniture is also brown, it will not contrast at all. You can also do a bright floral design on one cream wall. Cane furniture will do wonders in a cream bedroom. 

Peach - Peach is a colour that will give a sweet, soft and warm vibe in your bedroom. You can choose two shades of peach and highlight one wall with the bright darker shade which will be the centrepiece of the room. Orange or pink fabric will synch well in a peach bedroom. 

Burgundy - For a regal and romantic sense, burgundy is the best. Unlike light shades such as cream, white or peach, it is not suitable to go all four walls burgundy. One wall can be highlighted in this regal colour and it is advisable that you do not overdo the room as burgundy is a loud colour and overdoing it with furniture, ornaments and wall arts will make the room gaudy and uncomfortable. Choosing burgundy is a risk unless you are fluent in the language of colour. 

"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul."- Wassily Kandinsky

To be continued...

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021

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