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CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021
Home Adding Colour to Your Home

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy

The world is made of colours. We see colours everywhere. The colours that you are surrounded with actually have an impact on your psychology. Colours convey messages. They actually speak to your mind. This is called the language of colours. 

When it comes to your home, it is really important to understand how colours work with each other and how they affect us. It is essential to know and understand the language of colour when choosing colours for your home. It is not only the colours of your home walls, but also the colours of the furniture, equipment and even the plants and decorative objects you use in your home, should be chosen carefully. Such is the importance of colours.

Understanding the language of colours is not easy, nor hard. It is all about understanding how colour works with light and space. Colours can make a place look smaller or bigger. Colours can make a place feel warmer or colder. Colours can also change your mood depending on the place it is used. This is why choosing the right colour is important.

Why choosing the right colour is important

Colours have a strong impact on our mood and thoughts. They can make a person happy, relaxed, calm or even irritated, sad, grumpy and lethargic. They can also create illusions about the space of a place or the size of an object. Colours also can change the temperature of a place, and it is not just a psychological impact, it is actually physical. 

How to choose the right  colour for your home?

To choose the right colour it is important to understand how colours work. 

- Light - Colours and light are inseparable. Therefore understanding the light source, the direction it is coming and the strength of light is vital. Light to wonders in colours. The same colour may have totally different appearances   based on the amount of light falling on it. 

- Temperature - It is also important to take into consideration the natural temperature of the place. This is because certain colours may feel warmer or colder depending on where it is put. Also as colours absorb and reflect rays, it does control the temperature.

- Utility - The usage of the place or the object. This means whether it is a bedroom, an office room or a kid’s play area. It is not a wise idea to apply a colour like black to a kids playroom or a dull sleepy blue to an office room. A dark shade of crimson will make a small corridor look even smaller. 

- Basics of colours - 

There are millions of colours in the world. However, all colours in the world are made of three basic colours which are known as primary colours. Based on their hue and tone colours react with each other. Some colours match and synch so well with other colours while some do not. Some colours when put together is a pain to the eye. There are warm colours and cold colours. It is vital to consider this when choosing colour for your home. Also, keep in mind that all blues are not cold and all reds are not warm. There are warm blue tones and cold red tones. 

-Cultural perceptions about colours - Although the language of colour is universal, certain colours have certain other meanings and symbolism depending on different cultures. Therefore it is important to know these things as well. 

Suitable colours for your home Living room 

The living room is where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful moment reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee or enjoy evening tea with a chatty visitor. It is a place of togetherness and comfort; relaxation and leisure. Therefore, it is important to emphasize these characteristics when choosing colours. Take into consideration where the main door is and where the other doors and windows are located; know from which direction the room is getting sunlight, where the lights are fixed and the size of the room. If you already have furniture and other decorative objects selected then that also should be taken into consideration. The fabric (curtains, cushion, carpets etc), used in the room and also the type of floor and ceiling are matters to be considered. 

These are the best colours you can opt for in a living room. Once you choose the colour you want you can select your preferable tones and hues. 

- Green

- Grey

- Blue

- Beige

- White / Off white

- Brown

If you want to use more than one colour, make sure they are of the same tone and that they match well. 

To be continued...

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021

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