A Turkish Delight

BY PRIYANGWADA PERERA | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 31 2021
Echo A Turkish Delight


Caught in the first lockdown, there was a change of hobbies and choices. Never did we suspect getting caught up with a television series. Months later, today we are addicted. The Turkish television series Kadin or Woman, dubbed in Sinhala as Kisa cast a spell on us. Kisa is the most intense study of the human mind. Unlike a majority of dubbed television serials, Kisa is unique due to various reasons. The first is that it is Turkish. It was inspired by the Japanese TV series Woman, but it is completely and expertly transformed that even if you try you might fail in recreating it as Japanese. 

Set in Turkey, a place we have heard of but not seen, the story unfolds. Kadin is telecast on Sirasa TV which has done a brilliant job in dubbing. Kadin is full of brilliant yet effortless acting. This very fact must have made dubbing extra hard. Acting in Kadin or Kisa, is effortless and natural. It is not due to lack of ‘drama’. There is a lot of action; many plot twists, and not a moment without conflict. But the quality of acting displayed is one experiment to see graceful actors all conscious of their boundaries in acting. You become invested in Kisa. It runs on emotion and reason. 

Each character is so potent and you sometimes do not know whom to call the best, in terms of acting. Kisa is a psychosocial analysis of human behaviour. After all these years of watching TV, you recognise that it is not just the person but his circumstances. Being totally in love with the drama, you sure have your heroes and villains. If you are human, you are bound to choose your lovers and haters, for there are plenty. However, in this deeply emotional portrayal of life, you find yourself mature as the teledrama progresses. Entertainingly splattered with just the right dose of mystery it keeps you glued to the story. It is definitely not the fairy-tale type. 

At the same time, it keeps your hopes pinned on a fairy-tale conclusion. Rationale pokes you hard and wakes you up screaming ‘reality’! If you had forgotten just as I had how beautiful and handsome Turkish women and men are, this is definitely your moment to get back to admiring. The setup, their lives, are all about intrigue and you find yourself wanting know more about Turkey itself. Characters Bahar Çeşmeli, and Sarp Çeşmeli, played by Özge Özpirinçci and Caner Cindoruk should ideally be called the main characters. Yet the supporting actors are on par with their brilliance. A long list of actors make up their cast but there is not a single role to dismiss as a minor contribution. 

It is a constant clash of emotions being torn between Feyyaz Duman as Arif Kara and Caner Cindoruk as Sarp Çeşmeli. The real struggle that is life, dealing with people, loved ones, circumstances and taking things as they come; the teledrama is all about life. The most intense of portrayals by Serif Erol and Bennu Yildirimlar as Enver and Hatice Sarikadi, the parents juggling in this turmoil of love, break you and strengthen you at the same time. Enver is brilliantly voiced by Janaka Kumbukage. A fresh set of dubbing artists do a brilliant job at dubbing it in Sinhala. Flawlessly scripted, drama flows. The selection of voices is excellent that you have this insane feeling that not even the real voice would have sounded so authentic. Voices complement characters and each voice is sheer brilliance. 

Producer – Dubbing of Sirasa TV Rochana Wimaladeva spoke of the particular selection of this Turkish story. “Kadin is an award-winning series and we selected it because it goes well with our culture. This brilliant selection was made by CEO of MTV Channel Pvt. Ltd, Susara Dinal,” he said. The fact that it is a good selection is heightened and executed by the remarkable dubbing. We asked Wimaladeva whether it was a challenge. He could not agree more. “We were given a rough translated script and that had a bare minimum. If we went on to give a direct translation of the same, it would have been quite a different story,” he said. 

Since so much is conveyed through expressions and emotions they had to be filled with nothing but the potential of the dubbing artist. “The original actors were very natural. They did not say much. It was a challenge to convert it. The sole responsibility was on the script we made. Plenty had to be improvised and we took the liberty. The rest was on voicing,” saying which he gave credit to his artists. The main characters Bahar and Sarp are dubbed by Kelum Gamlath and Sudarshana Krishantha. 

It is praise alone that can be given to the crew with a definite special mention of the characters Hatice voiced by Ganga Jeewani and Sirin by the brilliant Pahani Wickrama Arachchi. Lasanduni Jayawardana voicing for Yeliz blends brilliantly with Ayca Erturan’s acting and Ceyda is Sneha Vasundara in Sinhala. The two children Nisan and Doruk dubbed by Thehara Laksandi and Dinuja Aarya Akeswara are superb child artistes. Kisa is both a beautiful psychosocial journey and a door to enter Turkey itself. The incredible impact it made has made all of us fans, dream of travelling to Turkey one day. Oh no, don’t get us wrong. It is not only for Sarp and Arif.

BY PRIYANGWADA PERERA | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 31 2021

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