A Successful General Election

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 6 2020
Editorial A Successful  General Election

General Election for the ninth Parliament concluded in an appreciative manner with the enthusiastic but cautious participation of the voters at the 12,984 polling centres throughout the Island yesterday (5).

From the time COVID-19 posed a threat to the island and to the world at large early this year, Sri Lanka adopted constructive measures to overcome the pandemic threat with the closely -coordinated efforts taken by the health sector as well as the defence sector in the country. 

Yesterday’s General Election in Sri Lanka was the third to be held after the General Elections of South Korea and Singapore after the emergence of the COVID-19 threat early this year. 

General Election in South Korea was held in April and Singapore’s General Election was held in July this year. 

Both countries remained exemplary in following the COVID-19 preventive measures when their General Elections were held in April as well as in July proving to the international community how the pandemic could be subdued by adopting the health guidelines precisely.

Whereas in Sri Lanka, with the defence as well as the health sectors handling already the pandemic threat successfully, the Election Commission led by its Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya had played its role meticulously in conducting the General Election yesterday.  

In an exemplary manner election officials as well as the Police personnel wore face masks and ensured that the voters queuing up strictly maintaining the social distance wearing masks as well as applying hand sanitisers before casting their votes to prevent the possibilities of getting infected with the coronavirus. 

At the end of the polling at 5 p.m. yesterday in all constituencies voting had taken place successfully with the enthusiastic participation of the voters who had strictly followed the health guidelines and placing their credibility on the democratic system despite the COVID-19 threat, though the menace is very much under control in the Island. 

Therefore, the successful completion of the General Election of Sri Lanka has proved the Island Nation’s capabilities in dealing with the pandemic without any hassle with not only the cooperation of the health and defence sectors as well as the Election Commission but even the mindful participation of the voters throughout the island yesterday.

It was right from the beginning of the time the date for the election was announced by the Election Commission, uncertainty prevailed over conducting the General Election successfully. 

However, even when the election campaigns were carried out unlike in the past, priorities were given to adhere to the health sector guidelines to the political parties as well as the candidates and the general public towards successfully conducting the General Election for the ninth Parliament yesterday. 

It is even encouraging to note that the voter turnout was significant in remote areas of the island and the voters strictly following the health sector guidelines. 

Apart from certain isolated incidents, the polling remained free of violence in several parts of the country with the appropriate security measures adopted by the Police and the Armed Forces to ensure a free and fair polling. 

So, in every way the successful completion of Sri Lanka’s General Election yesterday was remarkable proving that the democratic system in the Island Nation remains stable and the country which had successfully put an end to the ruthless separatist war ten years ago has now even overcome the threat of the COVID-19 by utilising all its resources with utmost precision towards holding the Parliamentary Poll.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 6 2020

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