A New Discovery

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage Ceylon Today Features | Published: 2:18 AM Jun 12 2021
Scribbler A New Discovery

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage Ceylon Today Features

If you thought that the search for dinosaurs was over and that there are no more cool discoveries to be found about these ancient reptiles, you might want to think again. Recently, there’s been news of a new species of dinosaur being found by a group of archaeologists in Mexico. Now, mind you there’s no such thing as ‘new’ in dinosaurs. These beings existed long before you and I did of course. What matters is that we’ve only been able to recognise this dinosaur as a separate species in the present day. 

The discovery

 The first fossil specimens of these dinosaurs were uncovered in the year 2005. After years of searching, digging and researching, a couple of Mexican universities and institutes worked together to recover a full fossil, which they were able to do in the year 2013. After a lot more studying of the fossils, they were able to identify the fossil as the remains of a species of dinosaur never known before to man, making it a really exciting discovery.

The name 

Of course, because the newly discovered dinosaur species needs a name, and Tlatolophus galorum was the name given by those who discovered it. It’s a mix of an Aztec word for ‘word’ and the Greek word for ‘crest.’

Tlatolophus galorum 

There was a lot that the researchers were able to recover from the fossils, including parts of the skull, which has a massive crest that was almost a metre-and-half long. The shape of the crest looks a lot like the Aztec glyph for ‘word’ in their ancient writings, which was a main reason behind its name. Besides the interesting look of this creature, they’ve been able to recognise that the Tlatolophus was a herbivore, meaning it was a planteater. Also, scientists have been able to find out that they had ears sensitive to low-frequency sounds, which means that they were most likely to be a very peaceful type of dinosaur. 

We’ve only scratched the surface 

There’s not a lot we know just yet about this dinosaur, but researchers are working hard to learn more about this newly discovered gentle giant. All of this information was gleaned from a few fragments of fossils, meaning that there’s a lot more fossils out there, waiting to be discovered. 

The search is never over 

The discovery of this new species is proof that while we already know a lot about our world and the creatures that live and once lived on it, there’s a lot more we don’t know. The hunt for new knowledge is never over, even if we sometimes let ourselves believe that it is. All that’s needed is someone willing to go find it.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage Ceylon Today Features | Published: 2:18 AM Jun 12 2021

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