A Dragged-Out Love Story

BY NIRUPA MOHAN DORE | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 16 2021
Teen inc A Dragged-Out Love Story


Time Is Up released in late September, starring Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo in the lead, as Vivien and Roy. The Italian romance film with the tagline ‘Falling in love is a state of change,’ follows the leads as they realis e their priorities in life, when they face sudden challenges. The 80-minute film by director Elisa Amoruso, was made together with producer Marco Belardi, working in collaboration with production companies Lotus Production, Leone Film, and Rai Cinema. The movie that had fans looking forward to seeing Bella return to the big screen for a romance flick, received moderate to low ratings with an average 4.3/10 featured on IMDb. 

Based on the screenplay by Lorenzo Ura, Patrizia Fiorellini and director Amoruso, the film also stars Giulio Brizzi as Adam, Vivien’s boyfriend, Nikolay Moss as Dylan, the swimming coach, Roberto Davide as Bryan, Sebastiano Pigazzi as Steve, and Emma Lo Bianco as Sarah. This is a film that initially sounds like it has potential to be a chick flick for a possible movie night, but sadly lacks clear storytelling, a focused plot and a cast who can deliver a convincing performance. Sometimes a strong plot can help all the small shortfalls, but this film manages to fail at almost every aspect. There are many high school love stories out there, which are like classics that stand the test of time, with basic stories that manage to entertain with strong actors who manage to make viewers feel emotional about what they are watching. 

If this film was done right, it would have taken its audience on a journey, with ups and downs, and tear-jerking moments, but instead, it highlights a cast that look like they are posing to making sure the camera captures their best angle for Instagram. Bella in other films has had fantastic performances, which maybe the reason why some fans of hers are disappointed. Looking at the overall movie, the editing and visual style feels choppy, with a lack of clear direction. It almost looks like not enough attention to detail was given to storytelling. 

Taking a closer look at the lead characters, Vivien is a book smart high school girl who has her physics exams ahead. She is in a relationship with a collage swimmer who is training for an international competition and is seemingly always busy, due to practices and other reasons. Roy on the other hand is meant to be the complete opposite, or to be more exact, the bad boy, who is haunted by tragedy from his past, but has an appealing foreign accent and style that Vivien is intrigued by. The core plot centres on when one of them are in a sudden accident, which leaves them faced with having to reclaim their lives, to be who they want to be, needing to live in the present, with the one that truly matters to them. 

This key plot point is too far in the movie, that what happens after, feels rushed, with flashbacks and memories coming back so quickly, that it almost feels like they had a deadline to suddenly end production. This is a film that needs to be watched with no expectations and will be enjoyed by a few fans of the cast, but for those who prefer a strong plot, that is supported by a convincing cast, this might just be one to skip, keeping in mind that there are better films out there in the genre.

BY NIRUPA MOHAN DORE | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 16 2021

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