90% of CEB employees to fall sick tomorrow

Buddhika Samaraweera (AN) | Published: 8:58 AM Apr 7 2021
Local 90% of CEB employees to fall sick tomorrow

About 90 per cent of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) employees will not report for duty on 8 April; taking sick leave to protest the delay in salary increments due in January 2021, warned General Secretary of the CEB Employees’ Union, Ranjan Jayalal.

He said that more than 25,000 CEB employees out of the total 28,000 workforce will not report to duty on 8 April. 

He further said that a protest is also planned to be held in front of the CEB Head Office which a majority of employees who will be on sick leave will take part in. 

Adding that CEB employees receive salary increments once every three years, Jayalal said the last time the relevant salary increments were given was in 2018. “The next increments were scheduled to be given in January 2021, but that did not happen,” he said.

Speaking at a Media briefing on Monday (5), Jayalal also said the Government was informed not to delay salary increments in September 2020 and that the Minister of Power Dullas Alahapperuma promised to appoint a salary committee in the CEB to look into the matter. 

However, Jayalal said the salary increments were not given through the relevant committee and according to him, later the authorities had told them that a collective agreement would be drawn up before 20 February including the views of all the trade unions and the percentage of relevant salary increments.

“We patiently waited for them to provide us with a solution considering the prevailing situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All trade unions submitted their proposals before the due date. But so far no solution has been given. There is no political division on this issue. We protest against the injustice done to the employees,” he said.

He further warned that if the Government is not ready to listen to their demands, they will withdraw from duties in all power stations and go on an islandwide one day strike in the near future.

Buddhika Samaraweera (AN) | Published: 8:58 AM Apr 7 2021

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