7th House denotes marriage

By Susil Premachandra | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 27 2020
Horoscope 7th House denotes marriage

By Susil Premachandra

The 7th House in a birth chart has been a major concern of many, including astrologers as well as  those who are interested in astrology, mainly due to its influence on marital life. The 7th House is said to be revealing facts related to marital life  and joint ventures. Additionally, depending on the planets located in the 7th, astrologers are keen to make predictions on different aspects of life.

The main objective of this article is to make the reader aware of the outcomes produced by the planets placed in the 7th in relation to marriage. There is a common notion that malefic planets posited in the 7th might result in negative consequences on marital life. Let us consider what marital life may bring to you depending on the planets placed in the 7th.  Those who are to embark on matrimony and those who already lead a marital life are herein suggested to carefully read this article.

One may endlessly seek sensual pleasure if the 7th House is occupied by a debilitated Rahu. Persons under the influence of such planetary configurations might not be satisfied with their spouse; as a result, they might look for sensual pleasure through clandestine affairs. Their tendency for sensual gratification seems unlimited; thus, they may not maintain a relationship  too long.  It is often seen that their expenditure seems high and their concern regarding the family is less.

Kethu, placed in the 7th might decrease a person’s interest in marital life. Individuals under the influence of such planetary configurations might be fed up with the spouse and might think that life would have been much more joyful had they remained single. In the meantime, there can be some who endlessly suffer in marital life when Kethu is in the 7th.  Some may doubt what astrology could predict in relation to marital life; but there are many instances where the predictions have been precise. It is said that Mars located in the 7th may produce mortal effects on the spouse; but one should not hurriedly draw such conclusions because Mars may only become mortal when it is posited at an ‘inauspicious degree’. Women whose 7th House is occupied by Mars are good looking and others are frequently attracted to them.  Possible defects produced by Mars in the 7th could be eliminated through ritualistic methods. One need not be disappointed and put off marriage if Mars is in the 7th because you could find a similar horoscope.

One might get married to an older person if Saturn is located in the 7th; but, their marital life is believed to be difficult. Andha Butha Jathaka reveals how difficult life would get, if someone gets married to a much older person.

All the astrological defects explained in the field cannot be summarized to a single article. There are instances where even the most auspicious planets such as Jupiter may bring malefic effects on marital life.  Solutions are available if one is judicious. There is no use of shedding tears or committing suicide.

By Susil Premachandra | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 27 2020

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