26 SL Muslim orgs. condemn Diyawadana murder

TPL | Published: 10:18 PM Dec 5 2021
Local 26 SL Muslim orgs. condemn Diyawadana murder

Twenty-six Muslim organizations in Sri Lanka have condemned the brutal killing of factory manager Priyantha Kumara Diyawadana in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Led by the All Ceylon Jammiyyathul Ulama, they have criticized the barbaric act carried out in the name of religion.

The organizations extended condolences to the grieving family while urging the Pakistani authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

They stressed the need to take necessary steps to make sure these kinds of incidents are never repeated.

“We are keenly waiting for Pakistani authorities to apprehend the perpetrators of this heinous crime and for those responsible to be dealt with expeditiously to the fullest extent of the law.”

“Whilst acknowledging the prompt action by the Prime Minister of Pakistan & the Pakistani Law enforcement authorities, we urge them to take all necessary steps at their disposal to ensure that such incidents will never be repeated and to ensure security of every foreign national, irrespective of religious beliefs, in Pakistan,” they added.

TPL | Published: 10:18 PM Dec 5 2021

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