Two palms of a drug addict

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021
Horoscope Two palms of a drug addict

By Bandu Abeysundara

I found it quite incredible when a few days ago a young person of about 29 years of age stepped into my astrology parlour, clad in rather a dirty shirt and  trousers and asked politely and humbly  if he could consult me for a palm reading and said ``I do not have a horoscope as my parents have not taken my time of birth”.  It spontaneously occurred to me that this person is penniless as well as he was suffering from some mental depression.  

He was never interested in putting me into test or interrogating me over my statements about what his two palms would read to me and instead, he paused talking and remained silent innocently, until I finished my readings.

On the first glance at his two palms, I discovered that his Lines of Head was very short and had abruptly ended even before the age 30. It had terminated right on the fragmented Line of Fate which was neither straight nor formed properly. This is what is called in palmistry  distorted palms with scattered or fragmented lines. 

On the contrary, he was having a scantily visible Line of Fortune, originating from the bottom of the Line of Life and terminating before it reaches the Mount of the Sun under the ring finger, which assures him of some sort of self-employment.

What is more fatalistic was that he was having a black mole on the middle of the Mount of Moon while on the right palm too, the Line of Head had all of a sudden terminated on the Line of Fate, which was also drooping down halfway through toward  the Mount of Moon.

Besides, the most critical bad omen was that there was the zodiacal sign of the Moon on the Mount of Saturn under the middle finger, which indicates insanity in a bad hand. 

There were no clear and visible lines of marriage on both palms; except on one palm, the line of marriage had turned upwards meaning no marriage. To add to the fury, there was no inner Line of Mars as well which generally runs behind the line of life in parallel, which in the least implies no marriage and no house of your own. 

To my utter astonishment, the nails on  outer palms were almost round in shape which was the only favourable sign on the two palms other than the short Line of Fortune for  self employment.  

On a thorough scrutiny of both palms, I started interpreting what was hidden in his destiny waiting on the scaffold.

In the first instance, as a standard practice in the ancient science of palmistry, I started telling him what is only good about him.

I commenced by telling him that you have a very creative artistic talent; you may be able to sing; or else cook very well, or design things artistically. He promptly replied “Yes, I can cook, sing and by profession, I am a barber visiting places and earning my living” 

Interpretations did not end there that “I told him unless, you inherit your parental house or you will have no place to live in”. He confessed to me immediately “Yes, I live in my friends’ houses”;   the reason being that he has no Line of Inner Mars.  

Then, I revealed to him the truth” You are living a frustrated and ruined life with no ambition and relatives to help you.  You have a sign of an island on the Mount of Saturn; it means you may be insane for whatever reason. The end of your Line of Heart is cut with a deep cross bar. It indicates unsuccessfulness, single life or misfortune”. 

I got down to the bottom of the secret behind him and further told him that his broken and fragmented Line of Head indicates lack of attention, ambition, determination, frustration and he may easily get addicted to narcotics, liquor or similar intoxicants harmful to one’s longevity to which he confessed the truth to me. He said “I need about Rs 2400/- per day due to my addiction. He further confessed to me that if he gave this money to a wife, she would have done so many things.   

The worst of all was that his very short Line of Head terminated on the Line of Fate under the mount of Saturn and the texts on palmistry written in Western countries say that these subjects have lack of knowledge, intelligence, and it signals a short unhappy life.

All that I told him was accepted by him. Thereafter, I concentrated on the black mole on the Mount of Moon, and asked him “Have you ever felt like committing suicide by jumping into a well, river or similar source of water” Aghast, he said ‘Yes’ with no hesitation.  The black moles or stars or a circle at the end of the Line of Head which has curved down towards the Mount of Moon foreshadows death by drowning. 

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021

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