To resolve economic issues: US$ 6B needed within three months – AKD

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 2 2021
News To resolve economic issues: US$ 6B needed within three months – AKD

To resolve all the economic issues, the country will need around US$ 6 billion within the next three months, said JVP Leader, Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Speaking at a media briefing, he said in June 2020, the country received US$ 573 million from overseas workers. However, by June 2021, it had reduced by US$ 95 million, and the country only received US$ 478 million. 

“Dollar inflows have reduced because the Government failed to come up with a method to bring the money of migrant workers to Sri Lanka. The country is facing a crisis due to the dollar shortage. Therefore, a large number of goods are stuck at the port,” Dissanayake said.

 Even though the experts have advised about the ongoing and expected economic issues, our President was not aware of the length, width, depth, and seriousness of the issue. They are making decisions without considering the situation of the public and also, the decisions they are taking do not resolve the problem.

 The major reason for this economic crisis within the country is the economic policies that are being followed at the moment. Due to this, we urge the public to support us to change the policy which was being followed for a long period before we fall along with the financial crisis.

 “At present, we have two types of economic issues. The first crisis is the issues that the public are facing and the second is the fault in long-term strategies which are being used in the economy. To resolve them, the country needs long- and short-term solutions,” he said.    

 Meanwhile, fielding a question about the recent gas explosions in Sri Lanka, he said the number of incidents have increased, and it has been a week since the explosions started. The people are taking precautionary measures. Meanwhile, it is important to pay immediate attention to this issue.

 The President has appointed a committee to look into LP gas explosions. Similarly, the President has appointed several other committees. However, the reports of some committees were not published, or even if they were published, solutions were not given. We urge them to come up with immediate solutions by consulting experts, he said. 


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 2 2021

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