To Chill You to the Bone

By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 30 2021
Look To Chill You to the Bone

By Dilshani Palugaswewa Ceylon Today Features 

To those of you who live to scare the living daylights out of yourself, you have a unique opportunity to explore a new way of experiencing the horror stories you love reading or watching. Whether it is horror fiction you are a fan of or real horror stories – listening to podcasts will bring about a new and interesting way to consume these stories, even if you have listened to spooky audiobooks before, this is different. So, if you haven’t already tried listening to podcasts of the horror genre, here are some of the best horror podcast recommendations that you can start with. 

Alice Isn’t Dead 

All speculations end just as you read the title, but there are more questions after you know that Alice isn’t dead. So where is she? A truck driver, Keisha traverses through America in search of her wife, Alice who is presumed dead. Driving through isolated US highways, she documents her thoughts on an audio recorder. Crawl under you blankets, as she arrives at towns literally frozen in time and encounters not-so-human serial murderers and digs deeper into a conspiracy theory that goes beyond her missing wife.

Scare You to Sleep 

Host Shelby Scott takes you on spine-tingling rides of true stories that will, yes, scare you to sleep! She initially began the weekly podcast to share her own chilling experiences with the world but then she got requests from listeners who wanted to submit their own terrifying tales to turn into episodes. Apart from the mix of real-life experiences submitted by listeners and Shelby’s own, she also narrates some lesser-known stories that people may or may not know. What’s interesting about this podcast is that it has some episodes called ‘Guided Nightmare’ which use a guided meditation technique to help you smoothly slip into a deep state of relaxation...and if you don’t scare yourself to sleep, you might just scare yourself out of sleep. 

The Black Tapes 

A sceptical paranormal investigator, Dr. Richard Strand aims to debunk claims of supernatural occurrences, every episode as he explores an unsolved case from his collection of ‘black tapes’. Host Alex Reagan teams up with Dr. Strand to investigate reports of ghosts, demon worship and witchcraft. New cases are reported to the Strand Institute, a non-profit organisation that Strand began, following his wife’s mysterious disappearance. The format of the show is a fictional serialised docu-drama narrated in a non-fiction style. 

The Magnus Archives 

What lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute? Narrated in a soothing voice, the content is nothing less than petrifying. This horror fiction podcast delves into the archives of a London-based organisation that is, “Dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird.” Join Jonathan Sims as he takes you on an eerie journey, unearthing fascinating and terrifying contents of the archives. Each episode features guest actors, short stories, serial plots and more. 


Discovering the dark and mysterious past of our world, in each episode, Lore analyses reallife events from history that unleashes the scary side of human nature which irrefutably prove that reality sometimes is far more hair-raising than fiction. These extremely unnerving yet intriguing true stories will have you reaching for your flashlight and a friend to have by your side until dawn, but you will be hooked onto it until the very last second. This very popular podcast has twice won the iTunes ‘Best of Award’ and has also previously bagged the ‘Best History Podcast’ by the Academy of Podcasters. 

Haunted Places 

The title of this podcast might prep you up a little bit in terms of what to expect on the ‘horrormetre’. Yes, it best not to reach for your bowl of popcorn because I guarantee, not much of it will go into your mouth as much as you will feed the floor, even though you’re ghost hunting from the comfort of your couch. Greg Polcyn, the host visits a haunted destination each episode taking the listener on rollercoaster of terrifying emotions as he covers the location’s backstory and talks of legends and the real-life occurrences which took place sometime in history. Occasionally, he would throw in some fictional bits but it only adds to the thrilling effect and you wouldn’t be able to tell the fact from fiction. 

And That’s Why We Drink

This one sets a relatively chill tone, perhaps one like you were sitting with a bunch of friends and well, drinking away as you indulge in some true-crime stories. If you love paranormal activity or the truecrime genre, this one is a good choice. Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz, will host you with plenty of beverages to their aid and tickle the funny bone of the duo themselves and their listeners. The two segments of the show entail a range of topics. First one discusses various ghost stories, haunted buildings and spine-tingling encounters while the other part of the show discusses events of crimes involving, serial killers, abductions and cold cases. This podcast interestingly won the People’s Voice Webby Award for Best Comedy Podcast in 2019, but of course the episodes are also chilling as is funny.

By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 30 2021

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