The Magic Door

By Dinodi Dahamya Rathnayake | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021
Scribbler The Magic Door

By Dinodi Dahamya Rathnayake

Illustrated by Savidula Rathnayake 

I am living in a town that is near a small wood. I go to an international school. So, in this school I have many friends. One of my best friends is Alex. We both are in the same town but in different landscapes. After school, Alex and I go together passing the woods. Every day we take the same shortcut. We walk around the woodshed, jump over the stream and follow the path straight until we reach the old pine tree. We must have done it a hundred times. But yesterday, we followed the same path but saw something new by the old pine tree.

 It was an old door, with a smooth worn wood and a polished gold knob. It stood up on its own as there was no house, only the door itself. It seemed like suddenly the door had appeared. Alex went near it and knocked on the door three times and then the door opened. We went through the door. We were standing on a long red carpet. There were big colourful doors at the side of the long carpet. There was a key underneath each door. So, we opened the purple colour door and went inside. We were standing on a flower garden.

 We went forward, Alex and I saw two red colour butterflies with purple colour stripes on the wings. Alex and I got on to the wings of the butterflies. They took us to a palace, the king and queen were waiting for us, they said that the witch had sent some soldiers to destroy the kingdom, so they asked us for help.

 So, we planned something. We went near the purple colour door again to find a solution for this problem in the kingdom, we found a small bottle and in it was written “this liquid can destroy anyone”. Near the bottle was a letter which read “pour on the floor where your enemy lives”, so we took it to the kingdom and did as it said on the letter. As a result, the witch and soldiers were destroyed, the kingdom was back to normal again and the King and the queen thanked us and gave us lots of food and golden coins as a present.

 We took it and walked to the door again, knocked on it three times but it didn’t get opened so we knocked at it three times again, then the door opened. We were back on the red carpet. Then we went outside the door and went home thinking about the magic door. The next day when we got to school the door was no longer there, we were surprised and thought it was just a dream. But it was a true thing that had happened.

By Dinodi Dahamya Rathnayake | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021

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