SL mother living in Italy murders daughters

RP | Published: 3:46 PM Oct 27 2021
Local SL mother living in Italy murders daughters

A Sri Lankan woman on Tuesday killed her two daughters, aged three and 11, who were with her in a women's shelter in Verona, Italy.

The reason for the murders remains unknown, while the 33-year-old mother, identified as Sachithra Nisansala Fernando Dewedra Mahawaduge, the main suspect, is still on the run. 

The girls were of Sri Lankan origin, like the parents., but were born in Verona. 

They were killed last morning, in all probability by the woman, in an educational community. The lifeless bodies were found by a cooperative worker at 9 am.

He had become suspicious not seeing anyone leave that room, in which the two girls had lived with their mother since January after a decree of the Juvenile Court of Venice had established that they had to be removed from the family home.

The operator found the lifeless girls in their beds. 

However, no signs of violence were seen, as the girls were yet in their pajamas, with the sheets covering them. 

According to the preliminary findings, the suspect is believed to have fled the scene through the open window in the bedroom. 

RP | Published: 3:46 PM Oct 27 2021

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