RDA Delays Road Repairs

By Eunice Ruth and Asela Wickramanayaka | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 12 2021
Focus RDA Delays Road Repairs

By Eunice Ruth and Asela Wickramanayaka

The road from at Bulathkohupitiya Divisional Secretariat area was dilapidated with large pits for past few years and the residents are facing so many difficulties while using the road, and it was not repaired by any relevant officials till today, said the residents.

 Due to this road condition, more than 100 families from Sooriyamalgama, Ihala Uduwa, Uduwa, Pelampitiya, Dedugala and Yatideriya, suffer from various transportation issues. A resident of the village, R. J. Chandrasena noted the road was in disrepair for the past few years. 

The Government has carpeted the other part of the road while keeping this 3 kilometre stretch in a terrible state. We have informed the responsible officials in this regard. However, till today no one has come forward to repair the road or to inspect the condition of the road, he said. “The major income for most of the residents in this village is earned by tea leaves. 

This road is mostly used by lorries for its transportation. More than ten lorries use this road per day. It is very difficult to drive on this road and if the authorities continue to keep us helpless, we will face lots of problems in the future. 

We request the responsible authorities to repair the road as soon as possible before any accidents occur,” said Chandrasena. R. Kumari, another resident of the village, who uses the road daily said that, previously, two SLTB buses and three school buses use this road for public services.

 However, due to the dilapidated road condition, now the busses don’t come to the village as scheduled and we suffer without proper transportation. If we question drivers and conductors regarding this, they state that busses are getting damaged due to this road condition and they are not coming into the village due to this. Our children also suffer due to this in many ways and most importantly they are unable to attend school, she added. 

Malsha Sevvandi, a student, who uses this road daily to travel to school before COVID-19 hit Sri Lanka, said that, more than 300 students and teachers of the village are suffering a lot to get to school and sometimes have to walk all the way to school. 

She also said that, already they are leading a tough life with so many issues and along with that they are unable to spend Rs 250 to Rs 750 for three wheelers. She further requested the authorities and officials, to take a decision immediately regarding road repairs. 

Head of Sooriyamalgama, Sri Dammaratana Buddhist Centre, Ven. Weboda Dhammarathana Thera, said that, in 1985, this village was established by Dr. N. M. Perera and the residents are poor people who live with a minimum income earned from tea leaves. We have already reported this matter to all the responsible officers and we are requesting them to look into this issue immediately by providing a proper solution, he noted Speaking to the Bulathkohupitiya, Divisional Secretary, J. M. Ramya Jayasundara, noted that this road is under the purview of the Road Development Authority (RDA), and they should renovate it.

 Previously, the RDA has renovated a part of the road and as of now, they have not planned or discussed to renovate this dilapidated road from Udugoda to Sooriyamalgama. She said that they are also using the same road and they can understand the difficulty. However, the public should complain to the RDA for further process regarding the road. The RDA is the responsible authority for the construction and renovation of this road and they should plan and process the renovation work with the permission of the Government.

By Eunice Ruth and Asela Wickramanayaka | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 12 2021

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