New Year Message from Speaker

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 13 2021

Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena says that the New Year, that will dawn very soon, is a wonderful cultural festival, very much connected with the lives of Sri Lankans. It is something that expresses the innumerable ties that we as cultural people have been maintaining for over thousands of years.

He said in a press communiqué: 

“As is done during every New Year, this time too, the customs and traditions we fulfil together at one and the same time depicts our unity. That is, the honest wish of us all who engage in customs and traditional rituals and that is sustainable prosperity. We have to build our encouragement to work on behalf of the country even after the New Year and not simply restrict it to a wish. 

Our values are not only symbolised through customs adhered to within whatever household or whichever status but we the adult generation should keep in mind that we are contributing important wealth to the future generation. We have to make our children and youth who are successful in getting to know the world in a single moment of time through the use of technology, realise the rational foundation behind our valuable cultural events. It would without a doubt be a future investment on behalf of our country. 

I accept the fact that it is not easy to forget the minds that were hurt, strained relations and disappointments that took place in the month of Bak or April in previous years. However, when the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic faced us, our collective resoluteness was the reason we overcame it. Our personal opinion is that, what such a global crisis pointed out to the people was the value of living together with each other with unity. 

With the New Year, spring has come which renews the environment. Therefore, my new year wish is that you all receive the encouragement to join together on behalf of the country during this new year with one mind in the forefront, as a renewed person who thinks with empathy about other people. 

May this happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year be one that brings about a prosperous future for all of you living in Sri Lanka!

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 13 2021

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