May/June 2021 UoL LLB Exam: Veritas Academia Achieves Overall Pass Rate of 93%

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 23 2021
FT May/June 2021 UoL LLB Exam: Veritas Academia Achieves Overall Pass Rate of 93%

Veritas Academia is an educational academy based in Sri Lanka facilitating the study of a wide range of subjects. The academy provides tuition for University of London International Examinations including Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and BSc in Business Management and Economics, Sri Lanka College Attorneys-at-Law Examinations, Sri Lanka Law College Entrance Examinations, and Cambridge/Edexcel International Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level Examinations. Primarily, the academy aims to ensure a well-rounded educational experience across a wide range of subjects for students pursuing their University of London (UoL) Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree in Sri Lanka. 

What LLB students have to say about Veritas Academia 

At the last UoL LLB examination held in May/ June 2021, Veritas Academia achieved an overall pass rate of 93 per cent, which goes to show the effort put in by the lecturers to deliver the subject material in a comprehensive manner, and also the hard work of all the students. Further, for the examination session held in 2020, Veritas Academia achieved a whopping 100 per cent pass rate. On studying Tort Law at Veritas and having obtained a Distinction Pass, Kevin Joseph had this to say: “From the moment I started my second year I doubted whether I was capable and ready to undertake the modules that I had signed up for. I personally felt that I would score low marks for Tort Law and after some thought, joined Ms. Shammarah’s Tort class at Veritas Academia. 

She understood my doubts and through her lectures cleared any doubts I had about the subject. Her tutoring and notes were just the support I needed to achieve high marks for the Tort paper. I am very grateful for Ms. Shammarah and the team at Veritas Academia for their guidance and support.” Moreover, Ashalya Dharmasena, who was able to obtain a Merit Pass for the same subject, noted: “Two months before the exam I was looking for a Tort class and Veritas Academia came to my rescue. I am very thankful to Veritas and especially to Ms. Shammarah. 

Before starting her class, I had very little knowledge regarding the module and Miss helped me throughout the whole process. With confidence I can state that Miss was very supportive, reliable, and instructive. Her guidance and insight on the module from the basics to the complicated topics was very convenient. The class was very interactive and I am always grateful to Miss for helping me to achieve this result.” Explaining her experience at Veritas, having got a Merit Pass for Commercial Law at the May/June 2021 examination, H.M.S. Senani Senanayake said: “Commercial Law is one of my favourite subjects which I thought I could self-study for the exams, but with the difficulties I faced, I didn’t feel confident enough to face the exam. 

Although I contacted Minura Sir in January he agreed to assist, covered the syllabus, did an ample amount of questions in the limited time span, encouraged me to do past papers, corrected my answers and sent them with his comments, and had mock exams to prepare me to face the exams. He also listened patiently to all my doubts and clarified all of them until the very last moment. Minura Sir is an excellent teacher who guided me to achieve this result.” Elaborating more on studying Commercial Law at Veritas, Bhagya Herath, who also obtained a Merit Pass for the subject, noted: “In all honesty, I joined Veritas for Commercial Law for the simple reason that my friends joined it, as I hadn’t really taken my studies too seriously at the time, but it proved to be one of the most prudent decisions that I’ve taken. 

Sir Minura’s knowledge on Commercial Law is not restricted solely to the syllabus content, as he is able to explain doubts raised by students that may even fall out of the syllabus. Sir’s vast experience as a tutor is seen in his well-structured notes and ability to cover the syllabus, thoroughly leaving ample time for revision. I’m really grateful to Sir Minura and the team at Veritas for helping me achieve this result.” “I am thankful to Veritas Academia, especially to Mr. Nisal Kohona, for his guidance through each stage of the process. I started the year off with minimum confidence and before I joined the academy, I recognised Property Law as a very tough and bulky subject. 

After joining, with the guidance of Mr. Kohona, I grew to understand the content of the subject and relate to it. The class was always very interesting and I am grateful to Sir, as well as Veritas, for making the journey a memorable one and helping me achieve this result,” said Senara Tamendi, a student who obtained a Merit Pass for Property Law in the May/June 2021 examination. “The law in itself has its own mind; it breathes with a conscience and to decipher it is no easy task. 

I am happy to say that when assistance was required, Veritas Academia was happy to provide it, even more than what I needed. Sir Sajana’s well-studied and straightforward approach to the examination and its structure helped a great deal, and his unwavering commitment should indeed be applauded. His analytical explanations around the concepts of Criminal Law were indeed rewarding,” noted Yasith Hathurusinghe, a student who obtained a Distinction Pass for Criminal Law in the May/June 2021 examination. 

More testimonies 

However, it is not just the LLB students who garnered exceptional results at the UoL examinations. Piyara Wijekoon, having been tutored at Veritas for her BSc in Business and Management from UoL, noted: “Veritas Academia was very considerate and understanding when I asked them to assist me with the classes I want for my university subjects. The lecturers they suggested were all dedicated and ensured that I’m thorough with the subject till my exam day. I’m glad that I chose Veritas Academia as my tuition provider.” 

This goes to show how Veritas lives up to its aim of taking a bespoke approach in lecturing students, whose requirements vary from one another. In terms of the A/L curriculum tuition Veritas offers, Diyana Silva, an A/L law student who obtained a Distinction (A) Pass for law, said: “As a student of Veritas Academia, I can gladly say with pride that I have gained a much wider understanding of the subject law itself due to the great, clear, and thorough mentoring given to me by Veritas Academia. 

I was greatly discouraged at times when doing the subject as it can be challenging but as soon as I made the lifechanging decision of joining Veritas Academia, I started understanding more and became interested in the subject itself. Thanks to Veritas Academia, I now have an interest in the subject and I have much better understanding. I will forever be grateful.” Veritas Academia’s students couldn’t have achieved these exceptional results if not for their tutors who helped them through the May/June 2021 examinations. Ms. Shammarah Ismath (LLB [Hons.] [London]) is a veteran tutor at Veritas Academia, and has a 100 per cent pass rate for Tort Law for the May/June 2021 UoL LLB exams. 

Further, she received an overwhelmingly positive response from all her students who mentioned her enthusiasm and encouragement which pushed them to do their best and get good results. Mr. Rehan Perera is a tutor for Criminology and Equity and Trust, with a 100 per cent pass rate for both subjects, and has completed his LLB from UoL with a Second Class Upper Division. He has achieved the distinction of having the highest aggregate marks for the LLB programme for the academic years 2017-2020 from Sri Lanka and also ranked sixth highest in the world. 

Mr. Minura Ahangama is an Attorney-at-Law by profession, holding a LLB (Hons.) from the UoL and a LLM in International Business and Commercial Law from the University of West London. He is a committed tutor with over five years of experience in lecturing and tutoring, and is also recognised as a certified tutor from UoL. He tutors students opting for Commercial Law (90 per cent pass rate) and International Commercial Law (100 per cent pass rate). Veritas Academia Director and Co-Founder and Attorney-at-Law Mr. Nisal Kohona holds a LLB (Hons.) from UoL and a LLM (International Business Law) from Staffordshire University. 

He is a tutor for Property Law and Jurisprudence with a 96% pass rate for the former and a 100% pass rate for the latter. Veritas Academia Co-founder Mr. Sajana Sooriyaarachchi, holding a LLB (Hons.) from UoL, is a tutor for Contract Law, for which he has a 100% pass rate, and Criminal Law, for which he has a 93% pass rate. Veritas Academia Director and Co-Founder and Attorneyat-Law Mr. Nikitha Senaratne holds a LLB (Hons.) (London) from UoL and a LLM (Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law, and International Trade Law) from University of Colombo. 

He is a tutor for Legal System and Method with a 100% pass rate. As an Attorney-at-Law, he specializes in Employment Law, Industrial Relations, and Intellectual Property. In addition to being a lecturer and tutor since 2013, he is certified as a Professional Trainer from the University of Swinburne. Currently, Veritas Academia also offers education for foreign students from Bermuda, Bangladesh, and Singapore who are currently studying with institute via its online platform, which is a further testament to the bespoke and high-quality services they offer. Understanding each student’s strengths and weaknesses, Veritas Academia strives to cater to each student’s requirements, enhancing their knowledge in the relevant subject being studied. For more information please call or WhatsApp - 077 113 6899. Email - [email protected] com

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 23 2021

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