Keeping Your Home Environment Safe and Relaxed During the Pandemic

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 4 2021
Home Keeping Your Home Environment Safe and Relaxed During the Pandemic

The pandemic is paralysing our daily lives, day-by-day. Every day we hear heartbreaking news about people suffering and dying. For some, it is not only health-wise but also financially threatening.

People are stressed, panicked, and sad. Health care experts plead for people to stay indoors and stay safe, and do not go out unless it is something essential. As our loved ones are suffering, dying, as our health is under severe threat and as we are financially struggling, it is no wonder that our mental health is also under threat.

As many of us are staying at home, it is important to take care of ourselves and our family members and make sure the home environment is safe, happy, and relaxed. It is natural to feel annoyed by each other, feel stressed, and uncomfortable to share the household all day with everyone. 

And also, as people are indoors some may think that you are safe, hence not bothered about anything else. But, no, even if you are indoors, make sure your home environment is safe and will keep you and your loved ones secure. So, let me share with you a few tips to keep your home environment safe, happy, and relaxed during these hard times.

Sanitising is a priority 

If a family member or members are going outdoors for work or to bring essentials home, make sure they enter your house after thoroughly cleaning. As the situation is grave now, you can arrange a place outside the house for them to clean themselves before entering the house. Put the worn clothes in a polythene bag if you are taking them indoors to wash. If not, wash them outdoors and let them sundry. Wash the packets and bags from the grocery before taking them inside or clean them thoroughly with sanitizer or soap water. You can also dispose of the packets or bags without taking them indoors. Make sure they wear masks, face shields and carry sanitizer every time they go out. Emphasise to them the importance of not removing the mask when they are outdoors. 

Food and water

 Keeping up your immunity and staying physically healthy is really important to fight the pandemic. You can check on your family members and make sure that they are eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. It is important to look after each other during these hard times. Maybe there could be a member who is stressed, therefore ignoring his or her food or not drinking plenty of water. So, pay attention to each other. It is also important to eat healthy, especially these days. Fruits and vegetables, spices, lime and lemon juice, herbal drinks such as kottamalli, black and green tea help to boost our immunity. 

Keep separate utensils

 It is hygienic and clean to keep separate utensils for each family member. 

Be supportive 

As I said above, there may be someone who is overly stressed or worried and eventually ignoring their health. But you can help them. Talk to them and make them understand that worrying and stress won’t help, and it is important to take precautions and most importantly be prepared. If they have financial problems, tell them that they are not alone and that we all are together in this. Make them understand that their worries are shared and supported. Check on your family members who are taking medicine on a daily basis and make sure they do not miss any dose. 

Be a little fairy 

You can uplift the morale of the family. Keep some family time. Use this time to discuss issues, and 

also for some little entertainment. Together you can do some gardening or some craft. Or teach them some yoga and meditation to relax. Tell them how Yoga and meditation can help boost immunity and fight stress. Spend time together and watch entertaining programmes or play games, to keep everyone happy.

 Create a pleasant atmosphere 

Clean and tidy up the house all the time. Dust and messy, cluttered indoors adds stress. Keep some plants indoors. Pleasant scents have a great impact on our psychology, so light some natural incense (sticks or powder) indoors. Chanting pleasant mantras or religious hymns that enhance positive energy and playing them helps in enhancing the quality of your living space. 

Support those who are working from home

 If any of your family members are working from home, be a support for them. They may require a quiet peaceful environment. Be cooperative and supportive. 

Be understanding and sharing 

Times are hard and people feel depressed very easily. Mood swings are natural. It is important to understand this and learn to be patient with each other. Be kind and supportive. During these times, they will also be required to share space with each other. Maybe you will not have the privacy that you used to have. It is important to understand this. 

Share duties and responsibilities 

Share some of each other’s usual duties and responsibilities. Washing clothes, cooking, cleaning the house and garden, taking care of the pets, taking care of the children and grandparents are things that you can do collectively, and happily. 

Do not neglect your pets

 If you have pets, do not neglect them during these hard times. I have seen some people doing so, and it is hard for them to survive if you dump them or neglect them. Make sure they get some food to eat, water to drink, and a safe place to stay. Remember, that compassion, sharing, and loving-kindness are really important during this hard time for all of us. What goes around comes around, so, be kind.

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 4 2021

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