Giving Voice to the Voiceless

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 20 2021

Thursday marked the 10th Anniversary celebrations of this newspaper Ceylon Today and its sister paper Mawbima, both published by Ceylon Newspapers (Pvt) Ltd. The strength of these two newspapers is their being unbiased: published without fear or favour, being truly a voice to the voiceless, thereby fulfilling their mandate. Such a free and independent editorial stance taken by these two newspapers has not only enabled them to merely survive, but to also thrive and grow, by winning the trust and confidence of the ordinary people of this country who, otherwise had no voice to take up their issues. 

Undeniably, the birth and the subsequent growth of these two publications is testament to the fact that these two newspapers have filled a vacuum and met a long-felt need among the reading public of Sri Lanka that has been previously lacking, despite the fact that the country has a near 200-year history of independent journalism. 

The growth of these two newspapers which had its genesis 10 years ago on 18 November 2011, in a period where the electronic and digital media were well established in the country, not forgetting the already firmly grounded and near 200-year-old flourishing print media, is proof that they filled a longfelt void among Sri Lanka’s reading public, cutting across all manner of media, print, digital and electronic. 

The quintessence of these two newspapers is independent journalism complemented by accuracy, appealing to the hearts and minds of the readership in Sri Lanka. Editorial freedom firstly flourishes from within. And when further nurtured and untrammelled by its editors, it brings forth fruit, appealing to the desire, taste and satisfaction of the reader. That is the underlying reason behind the success of Ceylon Today and its sister paper Mawbima. 

However, when editorial freedom is trammelled, stifled, straitjacketed, doctored, made partial, biased and distorted or simply barred because it doesn’t meet or is not consonant with management’s thinking, philosophy, policies and politics, that sounds the death knell of a newspaper. These two newspapers, since, its inception though going on their own independent paths as they cater to two different types of readership, one English and the other Sinhala, however had one commonality, by being bold enough to traverse unchartered paths and territories in their single minded quest to satisfy a long felt need of the Sri Lankan reader, seeking unbiased and accurate news.

 The management and editorial staff of Ceylon Newspapers (Pvt) Ltd. and its publications, Ceylon Today and Mawbima are humbled by the fact that they have met this need and assures its reading public that it will continue to render this stewardship expected by them. Media freedom is the fulcrum of democracy. And Ceylon Newspapers (Pvt) Ltd. will play its part, as it has done, when it embarked on this journey, that fearless, free, independent, unbiased and accurate journalism will be its guiding light and ethos into the future too, fulfilling its two-fold mandate of meeting the wants and needs of the country’s readership, whilst simultaneously strengthening the portals of democracy, freedom and social justice in the country. 

Firming up democracy and its ideals, being a beacon of truth and guidance and reporting without fear or favour will continue to be the hallmarks of the editorial ethos that will drive these two publications in the future, as it has done so in the past and up to the present. Nurturing and safeguarding the freedoms of the people of this country, a pivot of which is a free and independent Media and at the same time promoting the socio-economic levers of the island to ensure that its people would reach their fullest potential, economically and socially will continue to be these two newspapers’ objectives. Freedom of expression and freedom to progress are basic rights. 

Ceylon Newspapers (Pvt) Ltd. and its publications, Ceylon Today and Mawbima, have been promoting these basic human rights since its beginning on 18 November 2011. Sustained an unwavering adherence to these principles in the journalism practised by these two newspapers have endeared them since their inception to the ordinary people of this island, by being their voice, where, otherwise they would have had continued to be voiceless. That is the secret of the success of Ceylon Today.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 20 2021

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