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By Manohari Katugampala | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 21 2021
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By Manohari Katugampala 

‘The Sri Lanka Army shall organise, equip, train, and maintain a highly adaptable reserve force ready to undertake contingency tasks as a force of deterrence for the defence of the nation. The force will be aptly grouped with combat, combat support, and combat service support elements to conduct combined and joint operations. As a secondary role, the force shall also be organised to assist during regional or global disaster situations’. Sri Lanka Army, being the most sought after service of the Nation has provided its service in distinct fields. 

Displaying its supremacy, the Sri Lanka Army inaugurated another new unit of 1 Corps Sri Lanka Army last Sunday (17) in Kilinochchi. This new Corps is a combination of the Reserve Strike Force (RSF) and Special Operations Force (SOF). The Infantry Brigades and Battalions of 53 and 58 Divisions are under command to the RSF, Commando Brigade and SOF Brigade will be under commanded to the SOF. Hence, this newly raised vibrant, cohesive, and imminent reserve force will certainly be a force multiplier and a great strength to ensure national security. 

Moreover, this Corps is responsible for combat readiness in all operations and will be ready to perform as the RSF and SOF under a unified command and to develop versatile skills. Contemporary security dynamics have necessitated the strengthening and unifying elite forces of the Army to shape a formidable reserve to respond to existing and future threats. Therefore, the concept of the 1 Corps Sri Lanka Army is a brainchild of the Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army General Shavendra Silva and is part of the SLA Way Forward Strategy 2020-2025. 

The inauguration ceremony of the 1 Corps Sri Lanka Army graced by the Secretary Defence, Secretary State Ministry of National Security and Disaster Management General Kamal Gunarathne (Rtd) as the chief guest at the invitation of the Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army General Shavendra Silva at the Gajaba Regiment Regimental Headquarters premises in Saliyapura on Saturday(17). 

The new reserve force is envisioned to be the Nation’s most resilient force with innovative versatile capabilities and capacities dedicated and ready to proactively respond to all forms of threats to national security under the command of the Commander 1 Corps Sri Lanka Army Major General Harendra Ranasinghe. The new reserve force is equipped to conduct diversified operations including pre-emptive actions across the full spectrum of conflict whilst retaining agility and adaptability through mission-oriented training as the strategic Reserve Strike Force of the SLA by rapid deployment and conducting combat operations upon the direction of the Commander of the Army. 

The main role and tasks of this newly-formed Reserve Strike Force are to develop an understanding of the strategic environment to identify threats and challenges and anticipate likely missions, to ascertain risk and uncertainty in the operational environment to reduce the vulnerability of the force during all operations. 

Moreover, acquiring innovative capabilities and capacities to develop versatility, resilience, relevance, and credibility of the force to effectively respond to changing nature of warfare and new trends on the Battlefield, Pursue technological advancement, update knowledge and skills to modernize the force to guarantee combat readiness, Develop versatile, adaptable, and agile special operations force capability and capacities, Intelligence-led preemptive operations, develop career growth and development of officers and Other Ranks to build professionalism and credibility, Maintaining transparent, effective, and efficient use of budget and resources by forecasting priorities for force modernisation, Research, and Development based review of the force structure, concepts, techniques, procedures, and technology. 

In fulfilling its responsibility for the betterment of the Nation, the Army’s all-time preparedness serves as a guiding light under the exceptional leadership of the Commander of the Army General Shavendra Silva.

By Manohari Katugampala | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 21 2021

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