Dengue threats on the rise in Batticaloa

By Naalir Jamaldeen | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 11 2021

By Naalir Jamaldeen

The Epidemiology Unit of Batticaloa District said that the dengue threat is on the rise in the district, following adverse weather conditions. Health officials have warned that as a result of recent heavy showers, there are possibilities for the breeding of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the District.

The Department of Health as well as other affiliated institutions in the district have commenced a dengue eradication programme across the district, predominantly in the most vulnerable areas. The residents in the district, particularly in the vulnerable areas have been requested to clean the flooded areas, to keep their homes and surroundings clean, and to destroy all items which support the breeding of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes such as coconut shells, plastic and metal containers.

 Health officials have instructed the people in the district to keep their home environments clean, taking the safety of small children and elderly persons into consideration, as they could easily fall prey to any illness. The PHIs and other relevant officials will supervise cleaning of schools, offices and other public places before opening them as well.

By Naalir Jamaldeen | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 11 2021

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