Country Floating Like a Ship Without a Captain – Ganesan

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:20 AM Oct 16 2021
News Country Floating Like a Ship Without a Captain – Ganesan

As a result of illogical and imprudent policies of the Government, which came to power riding on the trust of the new floating votes, Sri Lanka too is now floating like a ship without a captain, leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) MP Mano Ganesan said. Addressing a Media briefing in Colombo Ganesan said, “Today the country is without an active Government, without a leader and guide. The country is struggling with no direction and both people and rulers do not know what to do. The people of this country are burdened by the rising cost of goods but the Government’s only excuse is that the country’s economy has been affected due to the pandemic. 

It is true that coronavirus has spread globally including South Asian countries such as India and Bangladesh. But, the economies of these countries have not crashed in this manner. Neither has the price of goods in these countries increased by such huge margins as in Sri Lanka. The people’s income has not been affected as badly as in our country either. How did countries like India and Bangladesh protect and develop their economies to a level that they are able to grant us loans?" He alleged the Government is responsible for thousands of COVID deaths for failing to take accurate actions in time. 

Therefore, the Government cannot play the coronavirus card as an excuse for the economic crisis in the country, he said and opined that the current administration should hand over the country to those who know how to run it and resign. Speaking further, Ganesan noted that even the fertiliser imported to the country has been found unsuitable by the National Plant Quarantine Services (NPQS). "However, the Chinese Embassy has rejected this report. They claim their fertiliser is of good standards and have released their own report on tests carried out by our authorities. What is this? The directors of the NPQS in this country should respond to these claims,” he said.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:20 AM Oct 16 2021

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