Allianz launches brand campaign

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 6 2021
FT Allianz launches brand campaign

Allianz Insurance launched a brand campaign titled, ‘It’s Precious, That’s Why Allianz’. The campaign seeks to reassure stakeholders that their most precious things in life can be safe and secure with Allianz. The campaign revolves around life, health, business and vehicles, ensuring customers that Allianz is the right choice to secure these items. The campaign also seeks to connect with existing policyholders, to help Allianz better understand the challenges they are facing, so that the Company can adapt and tailor its products to meet current needs and requirements.

Announcing the launch of the new theme and campaign, Mangala Bandara, Chief Marketing Officerat Allianz said, “We are all living in challenging times. Thus, we all need some reassurance that the most precious things in our lives are safe and secure. As the world’s number 1 insurance brand, it is our responsibility to give policy holders the confidence and strength to move forward. Towards this goal, our brand campaign was launched on 2 November under the theme,‘It’s precious that’s why Allianz’, to remind customers and stakeholders that we are always there when they need us. Furthermore, we want to reassure our own people too, as every team member is precious to us. Thus, in our quest to emerge as the number 1 insurance brand is Sri Lanka, we have resolved work together to ensure our policyholders receive unmatched service and personal attention.”

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 6 2021

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