Al-Haj. M. M. Mohinudeen: A Noble and True Mussalman

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 15 2021

It is with the Deepest Sympathies and Profound Sorrow that we record the sad demise of Al Haj. M.M.Mohinudeen, Chairman and Proprietor of Delmon Hospital, Dehiwala. Mohinudeen was a leading figure in the building trade and though not a Medical Practitioner he gained vast experience, expertise and a thorough knowledge in the medical field having had immense dealings and constant association with those in the medical profession. This unique feature of his he imparted to his numerous patients who invariably sought his advice and assistance at all times. 

During the JR Regime, he was a staunch supporter of Dr.Ananda Tissa De Alwis, State Minister at that time. He even presented his Morris Minor Car to the Minister to engage in his election campaign and for this worthy gesture he was accorded the opportunity of initiating the Delmon Hospital at Dehiwala. This also afforded him the opportunity of extending his services to the needy, the elderly, the feeble and for all those patients who were in a dire predicament to settle their hospital bills, he never faltered in his endeavours to grant them whatever relief and assistance they requested. 

On many occasions he had voluntarily rendered the patients his generous services and allowed them to be discharged ‘Ex-Gratia.’ These were the sterling qualities of a noble and true Mussalman. Even though he was endowed with the Glories of Exalted Office and Affluence, he never lost his touch with the common man. On his usual morning rounds to the wards to monitor the welfare and well-being of the patients, he would walk upto to those elderly patients who were suffering from complications and assured them by saying “Baya wenna epa, hema deyma hari yai”. These were consoling words that soothed their hearts and gave them much confidence and courage in their quest for a speedy and complete recovery. 

He was a kind, patient and understanding person. which qualities he maintained throughout his whole life. Mohinudeen’s invaluable services will be long remembered by his ever grateful patients, customers and all those who knew him and his untimely demise will certainly be felt by all of them. His fond memories will linger long in our hearts for many more years to come – May he attain Jennathul Firdouse – Aameen. He is survived by his ever loving wife, sons and daughter. 

Ameer A.Sanoon Kotahena

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 15 2021

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