Actors Turned Podcasters

By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 23 2021
Look Actors Turned Podcasters

By Dilshani Palugaswewa

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil 

Mental health advocate and actress Jameela Jamil popularly known for her role on The Good Place, began her own podcast called I Weigh with Jameela Jamil when one of her simple social media posts turned into a mental health movement. She talks to various people from media personalities to actors, influencers, activists and friends about their mental health journeys to have honest, authentic and hilarious conversations that aren’t typically done. 

4D with Demi Lovato 

Singer and actress Demi Lovato who is relatively new to the game, uses her podcast to explore identity, social movements, creativity, activism, philanthropy and beyond. She and her guests delve into topics focusing on LGBTQIA+ rights, equity and justice, body positivity, art, the environment, and activism, as they share their experiences with her listeners who join her weekly to have conversations that will ultimately cultivate a culture of what it means to live life in 4D. 

Anna Faris is Unqualified 

Actress Anna Faris best known for Mom, and also has a book by the same name as her podcast, sets a disclaimer about her discussions right off the bat –she gives unqualified advice to those who interact with her via calls, but sometimes with the expert guidance of her guests they weigh in on topics that callers come to them with. She joins her listeners to see the world in new ways through in-depth conversations and light-hearted chats. 

Armchair Expert 

Exploring the craziness of life, hosts and actors Dax Shepard and Monic Padman talk to various personalities to learn about,“The messiness of being human," as Shepherd puts it. The show is an interview-style podcast wherein they dive deep into some very serious subject matter such as alcoholism, sexual abuse, and mental health with some well-known names to have uncomfortable conversations that need to be had. 

Minor Adventures with Topher Grace 

Popular for his stint as Eric Forman on the That 70s Show, actor Topher Grace sits down with a celebrity guest each episode alongside co-host and the Executive Producer of the podcast Sim Sarna, to talk the seemingly mundane things from taking a lie detector test to learning how to beatbox and all the little things. 

Work in Progress with Sophia Bush 

Activist and actress Sophia Bush talks to likeminded people who use their platforms to be of service to others and bring meaningful social change to their surroundings. Often with high-profile guests, she deep-dives into topics such as social justice, mental health, politics, activism, philanthropy and much more. Personal and honest, her conversations will have you believing you can be, “Both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” 

On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

Former monk, author and motivational speaker, Jay Shetty has one purpose –to make wisdom go viral. He enlightens his listeners twice a week, as he shares various life lessons from his fascinating experiences and invites celebrity guests to join in on insightful discussions and intriguing conversations.

By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 23 2021

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