Abandoned Gov’t Building Collapses in Galle

By Eunice Ruth and T. Withanawasam | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 12 2021
Focus Abandoned Gov’t Building Collapses in Galle

By Eunice Ruth and T. Withanawasam

An abandoned building built by the Government five years ago at Galle at the Habaraduwa Electoral District is now collapsing and several parts of it have already started to crumble, said the locals.

The locals of the village said the building was constructed at Nadun Uyana and the main reason behind the demolishment was improper maintenance. The building was left abandoned without being used by anyone for more than five years and even though the authorities were informed they have not taken any actions to repair it and its condition has worsened. 

“Even though the Grama Niladhari, Rural Development Officers and Agriculture Research and Production Assistants have the opportunity to use this building as their offices they are unable to use because of the current condition and safety reasons. 

They use other locations, which is too far for us to visit,” they said. While speaking to the Chairman of Imaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha, A. V. Sarath Kumara, he noted the building was constructed to fulfil the purpose of a Community Hall. Later, it was handed over to key area residents for their use. However, they had no purpose to use it and due to this the building was abandoned. 

He also added that officials of the village can use this building premises as their office space to continue their services but unfortunately, they are not interested in making use of the building.

 Most of them use different locations and small spaces as their offices, he added. However, the village people denied what the Chairman of Imaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha said. They said that the Chairman had not handed over the key of the building to them, and it was not possible to hand over a Government building key to residents. 

Speaking to Ceylon Today, the Community Development Officer of Imaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha, Hemal noted that, the public should complain in this regard to us or other relevant authorities in order to be noticed by them. The authorities will visit the place after the complaint and the Government will take the necessary actions to repair and use the building. 

He further added that there are more than ten community halls in the District and most of them were currently used as nurseries for the village children while, some remained closed without using it for any purpose. 

Some halls were only used when the village people have union meetings and if not, those halls also remain closed. This condition is the major reason for the demolishment of the buildings and both people and Government should be responsible enough to make use of these kinds of community halls, he said.

By Eunice Ruth and T. Withanawasam | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 12 2021

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