Traits to be Nurtured by an Astrologer

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM May 23 2020
Horoscope Traits to be Nurtured by an Astrologer

By Sudeepa Mihiri

Little knowledge is dangerous; therefore, practising as an Astrologer with little knowledge can be even more dangerous. Instances are not so uncommon where predictions have gone wrong and how they have resulted in negative repercussions. Astrology as an occult science is undoubtedly popular even if there seems to be criticism against the field owing to fraudsters. Being professional in any given field is not so easy; so is the same in Astrology as this profession also requires certain qualities and skills. You might be curious as to know about the skills and capabilities that an Astrologer should be endowed with.

Due to there being no clear idea about the basic qualities and principles that an Astrologer should possess, this field is left mostly with unqualified persons and frauds. As per the astrology  and religious texts, Astrology has been identified as a divine science. Even the great Kings of the past were guided by veteran Astrologers and they abided by the predictions of such astrologers. Astrologers who boasted of their little knowledge were said to have been dispelled by the Kings. It is therefore understandable as to how Astrology has earned a place in the history as an occult science and how it was respected by many including the kings. It is undoubtedly pathetic that such a valuable field is being spoilt by individuals with little knowledge and lack of ethics.

In referring to the 27 chapter of "Brihat Parāshar Horā Sāstra", the great scholar Parāshara clearly indicates the skills that an Astrologer should bear, as follows:

" A person who anticipates learning Astrology ought to first master the basic principles in mathematics as it is the base of Astrology".

 At present, horoscopes are calculated with the help of computers; but during ancient times horoscopes were calculated manually using mathematical calculations and there was no margin for error during the period.

''Bŗihat Saņhitā'', a masterpiece of Astrology authored by Sage Varāhamihira, indicates certain qualities that an Astrologer should be endowed with. According to Varāhamihira, an astrologer should belong to a noble family. He should be good looking with modest in appearance and he should be clean. Additionally, truthful, free from jealousy, and impartial. It has been further mentioned about the physical qualities of an ideal astrologer.  An ideal astrologer should have strong limbs and joints, clean hands, feet, nails, eyes, chin, teeth, ears, forehead, brows, and head, with pleasant appearance and a deep and sonorous voice.

Furthermore, Sage Varahamihira explains the virtues of an Astrologer. According to the scholar, the Astrologer must be efficient, bold, eloquent, sincere, and he should be well-versed in the art of performing rituals of both curative and preventive types. He must also be thoroughly conversant with works dealing with calculations of planetary positions.

In a nutshell, the Astrologer should be intellectual. He should be capable of making accurate predictions based on an individual's horoscope. Astrologers must respect the sentiments of the client consulting him and should not be money minded while making predictions. Along with this, astrologers should have ample patience. Composure and endurance is much important for astrologers so as to listen to the problems of people and make them satisfied with proper guidance. In some cases the Astrologer plays the role of a counsellor as well. So he should be a careful listener and should be able to deliver the message or the prediction without hurting the client.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM May 23 2020

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