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Meteorologists’ forecasts ignored  


While the entire country was tangled in a crisis, it was possible to see persons with overflowing humanity. At the same time the disease of delaying making decisions and judgments was also apparent in some places.

The true human does not have a race  


"Some people believe that this government can be changed tomorrow, or day after. Certain people thought, with the count of heads seen at Galle Face, it will be possible to form a new government the following day. If one can bring a number of heads to a stadium and by simply seeing the number of heads, one thinks that a new government can be established, it is a big joke. As yet no answer has been given to the question why when there were two years remaining of the tenure, they held an election."



The 2017 United Nations Vesak Festival was held on a grand scale in Sri Lanka with great pride, bringing a significant reputation to the Motherland. The entire country was lit up with Vesak illuminations.

GMOA politically motivated  


"They are asking me to get another date." "I came from far away, from Matugama and I have been in the queue since 6 a.m.....What else to do? What helpless people...when you say there are two sad...why do they do that...whichever government comes they give in to their demands, but however much is given, it is not enough...these people are getting their demands by sacrificing the people."

Best man is better than best laws  


'Ruling a country with the best man is better than ruling a country with best laws.' – Aristotle

Is change there?  


She spent a life of luxury and comfort in a large mansion. Even where power was concerned, in that country she was second to none. She ruled above everyone and believed that not even a crow could fly over her head. However, she could not maintain this authority of power and dictatorship throughout her life.

President Maithri must use the sword  


British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the official document connected to Britain leaving the European Union, on 29 March. That official document is due to be sent to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

Weak fasts will not have any impact  


Former Leader of Hong Kong Donald Tsang was found guilty of accusations of corruption against him by the Court of that country.

Government’s five unpatriotic documents  


"Although the government tried to cover up things, now everything is being revealed gradually." The doings of the government are coming to light, so much so that the above can be said. Although certain media are trying to hide this information, Mahinda did not allow them to be concealed and released that information to some media during the immediate past in a criticizing manner which put the government in a spot.

Who is Heen Baba?  


The Ranil-Maithri government which was appointed subsequent to the 'Rainbow Revolution' on 8 January identify themselves as the 'Government of Good Governance.' This Government of Good Governance is hybrid. It is a hybrid that no one ever expected in the history of politics in Sri Lanka. It is a joining of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party which never ever saw eye to eye in the history of politics.



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