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Sri Lankans have the potential to surprise all  


Many headlines of newspapers have screamed about Sri Lanka's poor effort in the Tests and how badly redemption is required to move forward. As at now, one could argue that this is the lowest the country has fallen to and I can't see any strong points to prove otherwise. It was just a few days ago that I read an article with great interest which requests the fan to savour the past and the happy memories they carried. This is a further confirmation of the thinking of the scribes.

Sri Lanka should look differently in Pallekele  


Sri Lanka's options going forward in the Test series versus India is about salvaging lost prestige and nothing else. With the series comprehensively lost, the plan of Sri Lanka should be to put up a better show. Honestly, having watched the Lankans closely, they aren't a side as bad as what the results reflect, or the disparity isn't as great as how it looks, purely from a results point of view.

Sri Lanka should have opted for crumbling surfaces  


Sri Lanka has been hurt in Galle and it appears that the pain continues even in Colombo. At the time of writing the Lankans appear to be under severe pressure to save the Test match on a pitch that is taking increasing turn. Besides the scoreboard pressure caused by India, running up a score of six hundred plus for the second consecutive game, is turning out to be a worry. In fact such a feat has been achieved by India on three different occasions whilst no other country in the world has done it more than once.

Replacements not substitutes for injured players  


This week my focus is not on the Test match between Sri Lanka and India, but on thoughts that are stemming out of some of the circumstances of it. True the Indians have dominated the hosts up to the time of writing this column, though I don't want to think that Sri Lanka are out of it. The manner the Indian batsmen have do

Sri Lanka must pursue for further improvement!  


After the rather forgettable One Day series against Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka's new world order with Dinesh Chandimal at the helm was launched for the first Test against the visitors. It was expected to be an exciting time for the country. It was a fresh captain after the former skipper Mathews quit and the planning and thinking along with the way forward was charted in a different way. Naturally the plan was for the seniors Mathews, Herath, Karunaratne etc. to help the young skipper and ensure that the Sri Lankan objective was achieved.

Cricket issues should be discussed deeply  


As Sri Lanka endures the challenge of the Test match posed by Zimbabwe after the forgettable One Day series, it's important and imperative to understand as to what was the cause of Sri Lanka's defeat in the ODI series. Has Sri Lanka cricket declined beyond redemption, or is there any other factor that has caused this current predicament, should be discussed and debated in a wider forum?

Sri Lanka cricket on road to recovery  


After possibly the darkest day in the history of the game in Sri Lanka, the National team under Mathews appear to be coming into their own against the Lowly Zimbabweans. What surprised most people was not about Sri Lanka winning but about their loss in the opening game where the Zimbabweans swept the Sri Lankan bowling out of sight. The credit that is due to Angelo Mathews and the team is on how they recovered by regrouping.

Darkest day in Sri Lanka cricket history  


I wonder whether there was a darker day in Sri Lanka's cricket history than 30 June 2017. May be the day Sri Lanka lost to Kenya in the 2003 World Cup could rival it, but no other day has the Lankans hit such a low in their cricketing history.

Trying out new talent during Zimbabwe tour?  


Zimbabwe aren't exactly the type of team that will set the world on fire. At least that's the reflection of their current standing which is sad for a country that did produce some outstanding stars in the past. After enduring a major crisis in their home country where the game and the country appear to be at a standstill, the cricketers from Africa embark on a trip to Sri Lanka for a five ODI and a solitary test match tour.

Disappointing end to Sri Lanka cricket  


Champions Trophy challenge as far as Sri Lanka is concerned is over. It's quite obvious that everyone including the cricketers are disappointed at the outcome and no doubt in hindsight Sri Lanka should have at least reached the semi-final. The truth is Sri Lanka lost two games they had a good chance of winning i.e. South Africa and Pakistan. The South Africans were absolutely ordinary in the tournament being thrashed by India and also losing to Pakistan. The Sri Lankan game was the only encounter they had something to show. Pakistan on the other hand kept getting better after the Indian encounter and their effort against Sri Lanka and then against England were superlative.

Win against India set the ball rolling for Sri Lanka  


The unlikely Sri Lankan win over India has naturally set the Lankan fans alight living with great expectations and now possibly harbouring hopes of winning the Champions trophy. Though it could be a tough mountain to climb one can't rule out Sri Lanka getting there even against heavy odds.

Absence of experienced Mathews will be missed  


Sri Lanka's biggest challenge against South Africa in the opening game of the Champions Trophy wasn't their tag of under dogs or the fact that that the South Africans had won eight out of their last nine games between the two teams. It was the doubt that Mathews carried with his injury. By the time of writing this column Mathews remains a doubtful starter and even in the event he plays its unlikely he would bowl. It's a known and an accepted fact that experience is the key in world events unlike the bilateral types. Hence Mathews's experience after playing many World Cups, World T20's and a number of IPL games, is invaluable and especially at the top as the leader.

Challenging Umpires call and DRS  


With major cricket yet to unfold in the form of the Champions Trophy I have attempted to expand my thoughts on off spin bowling and also spot fixing in the past. This week I picked on the recommendations of the ICC cricket committee chaired by Anil Kumble.

Make the law against match fixers stronger  


In this week's column my attempt is to touch on a very sour subject cricket in particular has come to endure and possibly live with.

School tournaments need better planning  


After focusing our attention on the international scene this week my attempt is to talk about the cradle of cricket in Sri Lanka which is school cricket. Sometimes I wonder what really ails a system that was considered one of the best, if not the best in the world, especially in the 60s and 70's and possibly in the 80s. Schoolboy cricketers in this country could have rubbed their shoulders with the very best in the business and defeated them more often than not. I wonder how many times Sri Lanka could have clinched a U-19 World Cup if it was ever held in the 60s or 70s, or maybe even the 80s, as players were so good and dominant.

A Top off spinner is an endangered species  


My attention was drawn to a recent media release by SLC claiming how they have taken steps to eradicate spinners with suspect actions and especially the off spinning type. Today my attempt is to write on the subject and the dangers facing a species that is fast becoming extinct and that is a quality off spinner.

Sri Lanka will miss an off spinner in England  


After much deliberation and planning and opportunities the Sri Lankan selectors have come up with their magic formula to win the Champions Trophy by way of a fifteen man squad. My attempt here today is to analyze their policy and selection, and if I am to be blunt is to pick holes in what they have done. Whilst I will attempt to do this, I must as I always do concede that a selector's job is a thankless one and in general terms most often wrong.

Should SL have own premier T20 league?   


This week I want to dwell on the topic of T20 leagues and whether Sri Lanka should have one of its own. Having said that, let's not forget that Sri Lanka did have a league of its own some time ago under the brand SLPL, which only flattered to deceive. Sadly Sri Lanka hasn't had anything close to a top T20 league in the country.

Loyalty of players towards Provincial cricket is questionable  


The Inter Provincial tournament organized by Sri Lanka Cricket has finally got under way with the second day of matches concluded just prior to the Sinhala New Year. After a very long club tournament and a district limited over tournament, the final phase and the most competitive stage of domestic cricket has just begun. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) should be congratulated for organizing a tournament of such a magnitude as this is naturally the need of the hour.

A missed opportunity for Sri Lanka  


So it's a drawn series across all formats. That's the final result in the series between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Whilst it's a massive achievement for the visitors, the hosts will have much to look at to understand the major flaws in their game. We have attempted to analyze the Test series and the One Day series in our past columns though we hadn't taken a closer look at the T20 games which was the last leg of the series.

SL will go all out to save series  


The scenario of the two teams going into the 3rd and final ODI on Saturday was that Bangladesh can't lose the ODI series vs Sri Lanka, which will be a first for them and Sri Lanka is unable to win an ODI series against Bangladesh, which is also a first for them against the said country in limited over cricket! In fact Bangladesh has a golden chance of winning a series against Sri Lanka in any form of cricket for the first time in their short history and if that happens, it will only be the 5th occasion that they have won a bi-lateral limited over series. So far they have beaten the West Indies, Zimbabwe and New Zealand in limited over series, which is creditable. It will be of great interest to find out how both teams will approach this hurdle on Saturday, though at the time of reading it will be a foregone conclusion.

Bangladesh has penchant for One Dayers  


How tough can Bangladesh be in the One Day series? I think we will soon find out when the series unfolds at Dambulla. If I were to voice my opinion on the subject at the very start of this column, my hunch is, it will be lot tougher than the Test series. That is how highly I rate the Bangladesh team.

Poor fielding let Bangladesh dominate  


The second Test match - which happens to be the 100th Test for Bangladesh - is beautifully poised with both teams (depending on how they progress) having a good chance of winning it. At the time of writing the Bangladeshi's couldn't be blamed if they felt that they were the ones in front, though it's their batsmen that will have to shoulder the responsibility if the result turns out to be anything different. There were two crucial points in the Bangladesh innings that the Tigers will want to forget or regret if the Lankans win the second Test or manage to draw it. The first was the last half an hour on day two where the visitors went from a comfortable 194 for two to five down for less than two hundred.


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