America In Chaos!

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 1 2020
Editorial America In Chaos!

A few days ago the American President Donald Trump contacted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and verified about the tense situation currently prevailing between China and India in the Ladakh region which is located 14,000 ft in the Northern part of the Sub continent. 

Soon after talking to the Indian Prime Minister, President Donald Trump had pointed out that the Indian leader remained very unhappy over the military build-up in the Ladakh, as a result of China increasing its military presence in the region in recent weeks. 

However, in the backdrop of the American President expressing his concern over the massive military build-up by India and China in the mountainous Ladakh region, riots have broken out in various parts of America following the death of black American George Floyd who was brutally manhandled by a white Police officer called Derek Chauvin. 

The incident occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 25 Monday when the Police attempted to arrest and hand cuff the victim over an alleged counterfeit note issue. According to the eye witnesses Police officer Derek Chauvin who is now sacked and under arrest pressed his leg on the neck of 46 year old George Floyd and pinned him down on the ground. The bystanders, several of them were whites even pleaded with the Police officer to give space for the victim to breath and warned him that his action was taking George Floyd to the brink of death. The Police officer kept on pressing George Floyd's neck for nearly ten minutes and when the officer lifted the leg, the victim was found dead. So, the inhuman and the highly irresponsible act of the white Police officer has led to racial riots in a big way in 14 major cities throughout various states in the United States of America. 

Until the unfortunate incident occurred the Americans were faced with the threat of COVID-19 which had led to massive amount of deaths in the USA. American President Donald Trump even accused China for the outbreak of COVID -19 and introduced several measures to protect his countrymen from the deadly pandemic. 

America with its massive military power is even known as `global Policeman' and the fully-fledged democratic country also come out with criticism over human rights violations in various parts of the world. Whereas the death of 46-year-old black American George Floyd has highlighted the manner the minority blacks are being treated in the USA.

Therefore, at a time when the American President Donald Trump was `poking his nose' to find out about the tensed situation between India and China in the Ladakh region in the Sub continent, riots are spreading in a big way with lootings and damages caused to residential areas and to business establishments in various states in America targeting the whites for the past several days. 

Despite Barrack Obama a black Afro-American becoming a highly successful President completing his two terms in the USA, atrocities committed against the black Americans remain a regular feature from the time the blacks were brought from various parts of West Africa as slaves to America in the 16th century. The brutal death of black American George Floyd a few days ago has been compared to the death of another black American Eric Garner in 2014 who also succumbed to his injuries when a Police officer handled him in a similar manner. 

As the whole world and America in particular with more COVID-19 deaths remain in a clueless state of getting rid of the pandemic, George Floyd's death has clearly outlined that despite the entire world seeing COVID-19 as a common enemy of humanity, thinking of a human race beyond all petty differences still remains a distance dream.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 1 2020

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