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Man dressed up as shark arrested under burka ban law while working as mascot outside Apple re-seller shop  

2017-10-10 17:48:17

A man dressed as a shark has been arrested under Austria's burka ban laws while working as a mascot outside a shop.

Texas Toilet Seat Art Museum for sale  

2017-10-06 16:40:28

A man in Texas is looking to pass on his unique collection of toilet seat art that he's created for about half a century.

Barney Smith, 69, is offering his Toilet Seat Art Museum, containing more than 1,300 hand-decorated toilet seats, to the highest bidder.

Chinese bowl sets $38m auction record  

2017-10-04 15:48:36

A 1,000-year-old bowl from China's Song Dynasty has sold at auction in Hong Kong for almost US$38m (£28m) - a record for Chinese porcelain.

Donkey tries to eat £220,000 McLaren supercar after mistaking it for a carrot  

2017-10-02 17:18:00

Who knew donkeys loved to eat orange McLaren supercars?

Markus Zahn found it out the hard way when one of the animals chomped down on his beloved motor, which costs £220,000.

Costco-loving couple hold wedding at their favorite store  

2017-09-28 17:02:08

An Australian couple celebrated their love for each other -- as well as their favorite store -- by holding their wedding at a Costco store in New South Wales.

Sue Berkley and Eli Bob tied the knot Saturday at the Costco Crossroads in Casula, a suburb of Sydney.

World's first 'Sand Hostel' open in Australia  

2017-09-21 14:19:22

A handful of lucky winners were given the opportunity to stay in a hostel made entirely out of sand in Australia.

Mad Max and The Blue Lagoon World production designer Jon Dowding designed the "Sand Hostel" open from Sept. 20 to Sept. 22 on The Gold Coast, Kurrawa Terrace.

Someone Was Literally Flushing Heaps Of Money Down Swiss Toilets  

2017-09-20 15:32:21

Swiss authorities are investigating reports that someone flushed tens of thousands of euros down the toilets of a bank and several restaurants in Geneva, clogging their pipes.

Food plant's milk spill causes Indiana creek to run white  

2017-09-19 15:46:31

A milk spill at an Indiana food processing plant had the unexpected consequence of turning an entire creek white.

Tipton County Emergency Management posted photos to Facebook showing Cicero Creek running white last week after about 300 gallons of milk spilled from the Park 100 Foods plant.

American Airlines flight canceled when scorpion spotted on board  

2017-09-12 18:06:37

American Airlines confirmed a flight from California to Phoenix was canceled for an unusual reason -- a scorpion was spotted on board the plane.

Airline spokeswoman Leslie Scott said the Boeing 737, which had been due to depart Sacramento at 10:40 a.m. Sunday, had been in Phoenix the previous day, and that's likely where the scorpion boarded.

A possessed nuns 17th century devil letter has finally been translated  

2017-09-11 16:40:45

A letter written in code by a nun 'possessed by the devil' has finally been translated, more than 300 years after it was written.

Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione wrote 'this system works for no one' and that humans invented God in the rambling letter.

She believed she had been taken over by the devil who was using her hand to write with in 1676.

Move over milk, dark and white... scientists just invented a new flavour of chocolate  

2017-09-06 19:18:34

A chocolate firm says they've created a fourth type of chocolate after milk, dark and white - the first new type in 80 years.

Sinkhole Swallows Man’s Leg As He Crosses New York City Street  

2017-08-30 16:46:18

A man crossing a New York City street had his leg swallowed by a sinkhole after the road abruptly gave way beneath him, according to local reports and astonishing video of his rescue.



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