Top Five Picks with Glamour


Fashion models have always been an integral part of celebrating fashion for generations. They have been the kingpin of fashion trends. It took decades of dedication for the models to achieve the title with respect and admiration. Thanks to the supermodels of the 80s and 90s, we see models as role models rather than just runway angels.

That era is over now, and the term supermodel is hotly debated. As in the age of social media, the fashion model’s role is blurring with that of influencers. However, the top fashion models in the industry, there’s no doubt that they influence both the industry and the people outside it. All it takes is one stellar season to put a model on the map.

Zainab Fazeel is a model and content marketing manager by profession. She has collaborated with many local brands and often posed in exotic settings and poses. Her sense of style varies according to the occasion. But overall, it lies between minimal and edgy with a pop of colour. Zainab breathes new life into the idea of chic with her poise and effortless beauty. Fashion to her is a form of self-expression.

“Everything I am today is a result of all the things that I’ve pleasantly discovered about myself over the years. What truly drives me is the passion for creating and the confidence that I’m able to draw out of it to push me further. I thrive in between being an introvert and an extrovert. This has helped me find peace within myself and happiness in others; after all, you are who you surround yourself with,” Zainab stated.

Zainab showcases a creative spin on dressing with a bold combination of colour, print, and texture. Since her debut, she has risen to become one of the most highly sought-after figures in the game. Her distinct look has already appeared in many campaigns and billboards. It’s fair to say she lives and breathes fashion — when she’s not modelling, Zainab freelances as a fashion correspondent, stylist and make-up artist.

Describe your sense of style?

My sense of style is always a reflection of my personality (whichever one is on a given occasion). Your style should be a reflection of your comfort and it has little to do with following what’s trending. I love experimenting with ordinary pieces and styling them into something completely unexpected. I’m my own critic, if I’m able to surprise myself with it, then I know what looks work to some extent. 

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is a happy mix of grace, attitude, relevance and a whole lot of finesse! Understanding what’s currently in trend is definitely important, but understanding yourself and your own body trumps that tenfold. Quite simply be irrevocably you, but make it fashion. 

We asked Zainab about her top five outfit picks and why?

– Everyday jeans/ pair of shorts and a tee are my go-to staples to start with (and they look cute no matter what). 

– My little black dress – I usually wear black. I love dresses. Also, a long black dress is a must-have for any girl.

– Cher’s (from the movie Clueless) is an iconic outfit!  I love Tartan – the Burberry kind of feel. That would basically be my street style, should the climate allow it of course.

– A cute Kurti top and a pair of jeans/ pencil pants; a fusion of Indian and Western can be so classy. It just hits that sweet spot for me.

– Jumpsuits – From casual lunches to fancy evenings out. Jumpsuits have a way of magically working out for any occasion. In my opinion, it is an essential piece that every woman should have in her closet.

By Shafiya Nawzer