My worst nightmare


I was alone lost in the darkest forest and there was nothing to be seen. I couldn’t see my family, my house and I even didn’t know where I was. Then I screamed loudly and broke down to cry, when I heard someone clearing his throat from a distance. I thought it was my father and I went looking for him. When I found a pond with clean water on my way, I stopped to drink some water. As soon as I started to drink the clean water, I saw a creature with an axe ,so scary, he had shark’s tooth, bear’s legs, a giraffe’s neck, a tongue as long as a snake, fingers with long and dirty nails, leaches all over his body and a nest on his head. I wondered what an ugly creature it was.

I had never seen such a terrible monster before that, but now I did. I screamed louder than I did before.

Then he came closer to me and asked “Tell me where is your mother? If you don’t tell I will eat you up.” In return of that, I stammered,

“I don’t know, I don’t know….”

He then caught a snake and ate it. He came to catch me but I ran as soon as he came to get me into his hands. I ran and ran without stopping, over the mountains, passed the forest rivers and I thought that I escaped from him. But then he appeared in my path ahead. Then, I saw a huge house in a short distance. I ran as fast as I could and hid inside the house shivering. Then appeared a strange animal. It had a small cute face and a body of a lion. I thought the strange animal will not harm me. But it started to talk to me in a scary way.

“Who are you and where do you live?” asked the strange animal. Then I answered “I don’t know who I am and I also don’t know where I live.” I was so scared to give correct answers to his questions. Because I thought if I said where I lived, it would attack my family too. Then came in the terribly huge monster again. He caught me with his tongue which looked like a snake. I thought it was the last time to scream and so I did. I thought that I was dead. Just then my mother came and woke me up to go to school. And this was the worst nightmare I have ever seen in my life.

By Bassam Murthasa