Making friends


Making friends wasn’t as easy as I thought. I realised that so many things could go wrong in the beginning. Plus, we have to have more than one chance to impress someone because most of the time the first try doesn’t always work out. It takes a lot of hard work and time than we imagine at first. Before thinking of making a friend you should first understand what friends are for, how friends stay together, how they take care of each other and also most importantly, how much is the value of friendship; is my point of view.

Let me give an idea. Usually we make friends to have accompanied or to erase our loneliness. So, try to spare a minute or two to think on how valuable someone who never lets us be alone and will always be around our sight in everything is.

We should keep in mind that friends are easy to find, practically talking with someone makes you a friend. So friends are every where and friends can be easy to make but what’s hard is to make good friends.

When making your first impression I understood that we should not over think it and relax.Well I started wrong. I always thought whether that person would like me for who I really am or how did I look. I couldn’t even come and talk with her worrying about how she would think about me.

Later I realised that she was completely okay with me, because she came to me and talked with me very politely and very friendly. That moment I understood that if she wouldn’t have talked with me I would still be in a lot of stress. Then I felt I should go out there, I knew that I should.

Though my thoughts told me to go out there I couldn’t make up my mind very quick. By the time I was ready I didn’t know I was too late. She started to ignore me is what I felt but I was not sure. I still regret that moment. I really wish I could see her again so that I can correct my mistake. Now I know how important friends are and how to make good friends.

By Sahansa Jayasekara