Bandula dies aged 79 at Dehiwala Zoo


One of the oldest elephants in captivity in Sri Lanka, the beloved Bandula passed away at Dehiwala Zoo at the ripe old age of 79.

Bandula was born in 1943 and brought from Anuradhapura to Dehiwala Zoo in 1946. It was an abandoned elephant calf when it was found in Anuradhapura.

According to the National Zoological Gardens’ Director General, Bandula passed away due to age-related ailments.

Bandula was the oldest elephant cared for by a Zoo in Sri Lanka, according to Dr. Premakantha.

He claimed that Bandula’s condition had been closely watched over by veterinarians and her keepers at the Zoo for many years, and the elderly elephant had been given treatment and supportive care for a variety of age-related complaints.

“One of the key attractions at the Dehiwala Zoo is Bandula. Many people cared for him and loved him. The average life expectancy of an elephant in the wild is around 50 years, whereas an elephant kept in captivity can live up to 70 years. However, Bandula had the good fortune to spread love for nine more years. Bandula provided so much happiness to so many families, and everyone who visited him would always remember him,” he said.

He said, the Zoo’s employees treated Bandula with compassion and made sure he was as comfortable as possible during his final moments. On 23 September, Bandula’s final rites were performed at the Dehiwala Zoo.

BY Thameenah Razeek and Risidra Mendis