Rs 100M set aside for river reconstruction squandered – Farmers


The Awudangawa Gamini Farmers Association has charged that a sum of Rs 100 million, that had been set aside for the reconstruction of the Awudangawa River in Sigiriya, as part of the Wari Saubagya Project, has been squandered by officials with vested interests.

They stated that though officers from the Govijana Seva Department had assured them that the aforesaid sum, which has been set aside for the renovation of the River, will be utilised for the said purpose, the reconstruction has still not got underway.

Hence, they alleged that the massive sum set apart for the reconstruction work of the River had been pilfered by officers with vested motives.

They further added that pilferage of public funds of this nature by officers should be probed by the Government forthwith and noted that those guilty of any offence should be prosecuted in keeping with the laws of the country. 

BY Anurada Vishwanath – Polonnaruwa