Railway Dept heavily short-staffed


Deputy General Manager of Railways Gamini Seneviratne stated there are about 7,000 vacancies in the department.

He also said, the department, which should have around 21,000 employees, has only 14,000 employees. According to him, operational activities are being severely hampered as a result of this.

He also said, more than 1,000 employees will retire by the end of the year due to mandatory retirement age of 60.

Seneviratne stated that a number of trains are already cancelled due to the absence of train controllers and many train journeys will have to be cancelled in the future due to the retirement of a large number of employees.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Station Masters’ Union (SLSMU) Kasun Chamara said, the Railway Department should have 19,382 employees, but there are currently around 10,500.

“Vacancies at the department had a significant impact on some sub-departments. There is serious concern about whether services in some sub-departments are being provided properly. It is a sad situation that, despite the fact that we have consistently informed the relevant authorities that there are nearly 3,000 vacancies in the transport sub-department, no one has taken any action so far,” he said.

BY Thameenah Razeek