Launch more maritime training courses


Minister of Ports, Shipping and Aviation Nimal Siripala de Silva advised the authorities of educational institutions, including maritime universities, to launch more training courses to guide Sri Lankan youth for jobs in the maritime sector.

The Minister gave these instructions during a special discussion held at the Ministry on 21 September with the authorities of maritime universities and institutions.

In this discussion, measures to be taken to increase the number of seafarers and job opportunities in Sri Lanka were discussed. Accordingly, to train untrained seafarers in the service of tugboats in the port, getting jobs and training opportunities on foreign ships in consultation with foreign embassies, obtaining employment and training opportunities by foreign shipping companies operating in Sri Lanka, providing proficiency certificates promptly to those who have completed training by private universities and institutions, it was decided to implement several main points.

Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva pointed out that about 10 per cent of the young workforce in countries like the Philippines is employed in the naval industry and that they earn a large amount of foreign exchange for the country.

The authorities said annually about 8,000 seafarers signed contracts with the Merchant Marine Secretariat and worked on ships.

A group of officials including K.D.S. Ruwanchandra, Secretary of the Ministry, W.S. Weeraman, Chairman of the Shipping Corporation, and Ajith Seneviratne, Director General of the Merchant Shipping Secretariat, participated in this event.