Beneficiaries say new system inconvenient


The elderly and patients are in dire straits due to a systematic change in providing welfare benefits.

Those who received senior citizen allowances, disability, and kidney disease allowances from village post offices or sub post offices have been paid by Samurdhi Banks beginning this month.

Beneficiaries complain that there is only one Samurdhi Bank for more than 15 village office domains, forcing people to travel 4-5 km to their respective banks to get their benefits.

Many recipients are in poor health, so they must take three-wheelers to the respective banks. They claim that they are even more helpless because when they must pay the fare from their allowance.

Village officers have also informed beneficiaries that they must open an account with their local Samurdhi Bank to receive the allowance beginning this month.

BY Farhan Nisamdeen – Galle